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Kyle MacLea
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Graham Livingstone
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Greg Livingston
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Random files - User galleries
Front awning636 viewsA nice way to get some additional cooling and something worth looking into.
Our tent banner472 viewsThe Livingstone Muted tartan with gold lettering applied.
CF 25.jpg
Wes Flinging the Ball & Chain464 views
Kilfinan Church576 viewsKilfinan Church where the Lindsaig McLeas are said to be buried. No McLea stones visible inside or outside. The burial seats were moved outside long ago, and it is thought that the McLea stones may today be under some of the other stones in the yard. (Courtesy Craig McClay Wilson.)
Rev MacLea Church535 viewsChurch where the Rev. Dr. Archibald MacLea of Rothesay, Bute, preached. (Courtesy Craig McClay Wilson.)
CF 54.jpg
Wes-Third Overall Novice474 views
CF 49.jpg
Yeah STEVEN!471 views
Our first US clan tent462 views

Last additions - User galleries
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 040.JPG
960 viewsFalconry demonstration. The falcon didnt always go where it was suppose toJun 29, 2011
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 045.JPG
991 viewsMy son Nicholas and I in front of our clan tentJun 29, 2011
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 032.JPG
921 viewsStart of the Parade of Clans with a band escorting usJun 29, 2011
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 033.JPG
915 viewsMy son Nicholas and I in the Parade of the ClansJun 29, 2011
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 036.JPG
957 viewsBand competitionJun 29, 2011
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 038.JPG
861 viewsA few of the clan tents and other tents at the Highland GamesJun 29, 2011
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 039.JPG
862 viewsAnother view of a few more clan tents (MacLaren is in front)Jun 29, 2011
VancouverBCHighlandGames2011 017.JPG
1019 viewsFinal warm ups prior to the heavy event competitionsJun 29, 2011