Saint Moluag's Day - 25th June

Announcements from the Chief of MacLea, the ancient historical name of the Livingstones.
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Saint Moluag's Day - 25th June

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Today, 25th June, is the Feast Day of the Blessed Saint Moluag, our beloved patron. It is, therefore, a very special day for our clan.

I wish you all the joy of the day and pray for you, your families and friends.

It is a yet another beautiful day. Last week we had some much needed rain that filled up our completely empty water tanks. Even our borehole was on its last gasp. This sunny period is forecast to last for another few weeks and we are agin concerned about our water! This is the Hebrides!!!

St Moluag pray for us
The Baron of Bachuil,
Coarb of St Moluag
Chief of MacLea
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