SNP testing

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SNP testing

Postby mikkenie » Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:02 pm


Let's introduce myself, I'm Remko Mikkenie and I live in the Netherlands. I traced my ancestry back to a Scottish soldier who married in the Netherlands and had a few children there (in the period 1698-1709). There were a lot of Scottish soldiers serving in the United Provinces back then (six regiments were Scottish during the War of the Spanish Succession). My ancestor Daniel Makelij probably died during the Battle of Malplaquet in 1709, because after that battle nothing is heard from him again. The Scottish regiments participated in that battle.

I'm trying to find out what my Scottish surname would have been. Makelij sounds somewhat like Mac-a-Lay. There have been numerous spellings of my surname, eventually turning into Mikkenie. Obviously, the first three letters have been Mac at some time.

I did some DNA-testing at FTDNA and YSEQ. One of my closest Y67-matches is a MacLeay, whose ancestors lived in the Lochbroom/Ullapool area (and maybe originated from the Contin area?). I also tested for a few SNP's, these are mutations where single nucleotides are replaced by a different one. My results are: R1b > R-P312/S116 > Z290 > L21/S145 > DF13 > Z39589 > L1335/S530 > L1065 (Scots) > Z16325 > S744 > S764 > S756 > Z16328. Have a look at this group of people at the Big Tree ... star=false, they are my far cousins.

Are there any other MacLeay's, MacLea's or Livingstones that are going to perform SNP testing? I'm really curious if I would find a match with one of you.

Kind regards, Remko Mikkenie
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Re: SNP testing

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:10 pm

Hi Remko,
That is a very interesting story regarding your ancestral connections and a 67 marker match with a Macleay of Ross and Cromarty ancestry.
I am sorry that no one responded to your request for info earlier in June but there is really no one here who has the latest detailed SNP knowledge regarding the Ross and Cromartry Macleays. I was quite busy in June and July working doing some research and busy with family celebrations. I know of them and something of their history but I am no expert by any means. They are pretty much a distinct clan in their own right despite some accounts of their roots being linked with our Argyllshire Macleas and I understood closely associated over the centuries with clan McKenzie in Ross and Cromarty. But you likely know all that however. I would be interested in any info you might have regarding any Macleays who have done the 67 marker test with documented Macleay of Ross and Cromarty ancestry. Particularly those who have a paper trail linking to old Macleay families that lived in Lochbroom, Dingwall etc and the other Ross and Cromarty settlements where Macleay appear in the 1841 Scottish census for example.

I was in touch with Andrew Lancaster our DNA Project expert who I understand you have discussed with in the past regarding your DNA results and he is suggesting regarding the more technical and complex SNP questions that you get in touch with a multi surname project like an R1b project where you may find they are more informed about the latest identified SNP's some of which may pertain to your results. I regret I am not more help to you regarding your DNA related questions but I would appreciate if you could let us know more about genetic distance of the 67 marker match with the Ross and Cromarty Macleay descendant who if I understood correctly has information they descended from Macleay from Lochbroom. Yes I think the Macleays from Lochbroom, Ullapool, Dingwall and Contin etc in Ross and Cromarty area are quite possibly all the same Macleays but until some of their descendants of Macleays that lived in four settlements are all tested with familytreedna I can't say with 100 percent certainly. Historically speaking it is my understanding they are, but a Y Chromosome DNA test would certainly help to prove that is the case.


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