New Very Close Match To My Family

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Re: New Very Close Match To My Family

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Hi Barry,
Sorry I just noticed your question regarding the Livingston- Warren connection regarding the Parker Livingstone group results
Not sure how a branch of the Warren family is connected to our Parker Livingstone group. Some like my Livingston family in particular seems more closely related to them though it does not seem to have been neccessarily a close or very recent connection.
Morrisons and Fergusons in the Parker Livingstone group results may have some ancestral connection with a branch of Clan Morrison and Ferguson that lived for centuries in Mull and Morvern in Western Argyll where many of the Parker Livingstone group Livingstons probably have their ancestral origins. They somehow seem to share an ancient ancestor or there was adoption way back when. Some sort of ancient family connection in that part of Scotland possibly. Regarding a branch of the Warren family that is according to dna results connected to our Livingstons I know not how there is a connection. I am sure it would be interesting to know precisely how a branch of the Warren family is connected our highland Livingstone group. I did not notice the family in the old Argyllshire records. So your guess is as good as mine.


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Re: New Very Close Match To My Family

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Livingstone_PEI wrote:Hi All

I just wanted to let everyone know I have had an email with a very close match to my Family DNA. I would say this is my closest match so far. The only problem is their family name is not Livingston but is Warren. Would anyone like to comment on this. The close match is Mr. Milton Harry Warren and the match is a genetic distance of 2 which is the same as Alexander Livingston born in 1814.


i also have Mr Warren as a distance of 3
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