Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ontario

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Re: Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ont

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:29 pm

Hi David,

Wow lots to look over. You have been working hard on this I can see, since we last were in contact. What progress you have made. And yikes that was a tough one. One piece at a time until you got it. I can't get precise idea of Alexander's birthdate in Scotland from the census records. Somewhere between 1803 and 1810 looks like, possibly in Mull, Argyll looks like now. Perhaps he had a brother named Angus.
Sure sounds like the right family. Alexander and Catharine Livingston. All children mentioned in that list in the book except a daughter Flora and a son Donald that I noticed. But quite easy when it is second hand info published in that book for the author to have missed a few children of Alexander and Catharine's from a large family like they had. All the rest in the book list seem to match the names in the 1851 and 1861 Census records in Quebec. Great that found what looks like a connection between that Angus and your Alexander.
That Mull information I think is new to me and not surprising as the vast majority of highland Livingstons whom who have contacted the forum whose ancestors settled in Canada seem to be connected to Livingston families from Mull or neighbouring Morvern, where my Livingston ancestors came from. In terms of the DNA project, although I am the Clan Historian, I have encouraged quite a significant number of persons of Livingston ancestry to participate in the DNA project having established a good deal of familiarity with the history of Livingstons the Mull and surrounding Western Argyll area of Scotland and familiarity with the DNA results with particularly with Western Argyllshire LIvingstons.

If your original source is correct then it is quite possible that the elder Archibald and his son Alexander born in the early 1800's have family origins apparently in Mull. And with those Quebec neighbours being McLeans and McPhees they are quite common to 18th and 19th century Mull and rest Cameron and McGillverary common to neighbouring Morvern and probably Mull. McVicar throughout Argyll some in Southern Argyllshire. So Archibald's neighbours very likely from Western Argyllshire I would assume. Like I say it seems quite often the Canadian Livingstons I worked with on the forum over the years have had an Mull Argyll Livingston ancestry. The 37 marker test is a good starting point or I would suggest the 67 marker test just to get a good sense of your closest match results with other LIvingstons in the DNA project who have done the 67 marker test which most Livingston of Mull ancestry have. Most of Livingstons of Mull ancestral origin and other parts of Western Argyll have done the 67 marker test and you can always upgrade to the 111 marker test later on for more precise matching of your results with other Livingstons whom you are determined to be a match with at 67 markers tested. So yes if you have info that your family originated in Mull then I really think the Y Chromosome Test offered by familytreedna for 67 markers is the way to go. While some Livingstons of Mull ancestry are not certain where their ancestors lived at Mull, others do have some info and I have started to try an actually draw a rough map of where some of their ancestors and other Livingston families lived at Mull in the 1700's and early 1800's. We have made a lot of progress with our Mull Livingston family research and the DNA project via familytreedna has proven to be a major help in learning just how closely related these Mull and Morvern Livingstons and Livingstons from other parishes in Western Argyll are to one another. There is one other Livingston DNA match group who have a Mull, Argyll connection who have also done the familytreedna test, so it is possible you could be a match with them as well. With either group if you are of Mull ancestry or of some there Argyllshire ancestry which you seem to be from what you told me about the Mull info and the fact that your ancestors neighbours are almost certainly of Argyllshire origin one way or another there is very good chance of a match with others in one of these Livingston DNA groups.

Here is some information from familytreedna regarding their Y Chromosome test options and the cost:

Again nice work Dave finding that apparent lead on likely Mull ancestry of Archibald Sr. and his son Alexander and his son Archibald. Lucky break for you that your Livingstone family in Quebec was mentioned and that you happened to stumble across that old book. Your are the only Livingston who settled originally in Quebec that has contacted the forum. We've had lots from Nova Scotia origin, some of PEI origin, some of Ontario origin and some of Manitoba origin. Your the first with a Quebec connection, although your Livngstons later ended up in Ontario.

Over the years having done my own Livingstone family research and that of other familes I am related to I am sometimes amazed at what rare documents. old family photos are sometimes discovered. I am just sorry to say that less than two years after Father passed away a distant cousin put an old civil war era documented photo of my Great-great-great grandfather that had been in this old distant cousin's familes possessions for about 150 years. I knew of this cousin from another cousin I was working with on family history about 20 years ago, but had no idea that this other family knew about this picture and had it for years but kept in an unopened shoebox for years. Anyways I was so scared I would spill coffee on it after it arrived in the mail I placed the old 1860's carte de visite photo of my elderly ancestor who was born in the 1780's and died in 1871 safely in an airtight glass frame. I don't have a photo of my Livingstone great-great-great grandfather unfortunately but I do have a photo that was given me of his youngest son and his eldest daughter who was my ancestor. Many other rare old photographs, books maps, documents have come my way or I have found them over the years doing family research. Genealogy is not as interesting as archaeology to be sure, but occasionally you do find some lost family treasure.


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Re: Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ont

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:45 pm

Hi David,
Yes contacting the folks with the Scotch Road Cemetery Association was a good idea. Alexander Livingstons neighbours were natives of Scotland like him, farmers and land owners in the area since the 1830's.

According to the Canada East (Quebec) 1851 Census Alexander Livington b. abt. 1803 in Scotland possibly in Mull, Argyll and his wife Catharine and family resided on a 100 acre lot at Concession 7 Lot 7 in the Scotch Road area in Grenville Township, Argentieul County, Quebec. His closest neighbour also on Con. 7-7 100 acres was Donald McArthur age 50 widower born in Scotland. Another neighbour was Alexander McPhee age 45 born Scotland and his wife Ann situated at concession. 8 lot 7. Samuel Campbell age 35 also born in Scotland and his wife Margaret were located at Concession 8 Lot 8. There is also information in the Agricultural info of the 1851 Census of Grenville Township that a Malcolm McPhee is located on 100 acres at Con. 7 Lot 7. Angus Livingston born abt. 1797 in Scotland widower is located at Concession 5 Lot 8 on 100 acres near Neil McGillverary who is located on Con. 6 Lot 7 on 200 aces.

I don't think we discussed Archibald's baptism record information in the past. I just noticed it today. By now you probably have as well. You have found I know just about every bit of info regarding Archibald that survives no doubt the genealogy sleuth that you are.
Interestingly the 1851 Quebec Census and the 1871 Ontario Census indicate that Archibald Livingston son of Alexander Livingston and Catharine McDonald of Grenville Township, Argenteuil County, Quebec was born abt. 1836. This conflicts of course with his other census info and his death info. But is it interesting to note that his 1836 Church of Scotland baptismal record from Grenville, Quebec states that he was born in 1836:

Church of Scotland St. Phillippe d'Argenteuil

Archibald lawful son of Alexander Livingstone and Catharine McDonald born on the first day of April in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six was baptized by me at Grenville on this the third day of August in the same year.

William Maur Minister of Grenville and Chatham

Witness: Christian McGregor


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