James Livingston and Sarah Wood Tranent Parish, East Lothian

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Re: James Livingston and Sarah Wood Tranent Parish, East Lot

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:40 pm

HI John,
Thank-you for sharing the 67 and 111 marker results which show your Livage/ Livingston matches quite obviously.
Wow that is really definite on the relatively close match at 67-5 and 111-5. To me this 67-5 indicates a connection perhaps in the 1600's with your Livingston family, but I really be too certain. I dont think it is an 18h century Livingston family connection when your family records indicate they were all residing in Tranent Parish, East lothian so I my guess would be more likely in the previous century or before. So around 1600's would be my guess or perhaps earlier when there was a probable ancestral connection between the East Lothian Livngstons and the Angus LIvage (Livingstons). Interesting to see that your closest Livingston match at 67-5 did not increase in genetic distance with the 111 marker test but the genetic distance held steady at 5. I think Andrew would be best to consult with regarding your DNA results given his years of experience with the DNA project, his particular knowledge of the LIvage (Livingstons) of Glamis, Angus County and his own ancestral connection to the LIvage (Livingstons). Clearly the matches with the LIvingstons who have the done 67 marker test most significantly I think is indicating that your Livingston family that lived in Tranent Parish, East Lothian in the 1700's and 1800's must of had some sort of ancestral connection with these Livage (Livingston, Liveston) that resided in the County of Angus in Scotland presumingly in some prior century I suspect.

I also assume since Kevin Livingston is not a match with you or apparently the Angus County Livage/ Livingstons then his Prestopans Parish East Lothian Livingston family group from the 1700's who later moved to Midlothian, Scotland and in the 1830's to Australia must not be related to either your Tranent Parish East Lothian Livingston family group or that of those Livage/Livingstons who are of Angus County, origin who you are match with.


Canadian Livingstone
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Re: James Livingston and Sarah Wood Tranent Parish, East Lot

Postby Ozlivingstone » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:36 am

Thanks Donald - I have sent an email to Andrew. Appreciate your input. John
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