Duncan Livingston and Christian Beaton of Lettermore, Mull

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Re: Duncan Livingston and Christian Beaton of Lettermore, Mu

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Tue May 12, 2020 6:45 pm

Hi James,

I have been going the list of Livingstones you sent me. Ancestry.com genealogies often contain Livingston family trees linking a Livingston family with Dr. Livingstone's family. My own family had a story that our Livingston relatives were related somehow to Dr. Livingstone. It is actually quite common amongst Livingston families I have found over the years.

1. John Livingston of the Low Point, Cape Breton, N.S. Livingstons I can confirm was definitely not of a Mull Livingston family connected to Dr. David Livingstone's Mull, Argyll family though John is known to have originated from Mull, Argyll according to his Son John Jr's obituary. The Low Point Livingstons are apparently distantly related to other Maclea- Livingstons of Mull and neighbouring Morvern Parish, Argyll in the 1700's and other Livingstons in Western Argyllshire but Y DNA testing has also verified and confirmed that the Low Point Livingstons are not related to the Livingston family of Neil Livingston and Mary Morrison and Dr. Livingstone. The Low Point Livingstons are distantly related to other Livngstons families of Mull origin in particular that settled in Cape Breton and more distantly with Livingston families of other neighbouring parishes including Morvern and with my Livingston family group that resided in Morvern Parish, Argyll in the 18th Century and likely before that.

2.Agnes Livingstone b. 1796 daughter of Dr. Livingstone's grandfather Neil Livingstone and Mary Morrison did not marry.

3.Donald Livingston 1802-1888 m. April 8, 1828 Church of Scotland, Bowmore, Kilarrow Parish, Isle of Islay Southern Argyllshire, Scotland Mary Brown. Arrived in Canada by 1830's as did many other Islay, Argyll families during this decade of the 19th century. Settled firstly in Huntingdon, Quebec and then later settled in Vespa Township, Simcoe County. As you mentioned information that this Donald Livingston b. 1802 was a son of Dr. Livingstone's grandfather Neil Livingston and wife Mary Morrison is definitely incorrect. There does appear likely that Neil Livington and Mary Morrison had a son Donald born in the 1780's possibly and not included in the surviving Kilninian Parish Argyllshire Church of Scotland records where most of their other children were recorded. The family of Neil Livingston and Morrison left highland Argyllshire in 1792 for Blantyre, Lanarkshire and there is definitely no record of them having a son named Donald in 1802.
It is possible however that this Islay Argyll Livingston Donald Livingston b.1802 might have a more distant ancestral connection to Dr. Livingstone's grandfather's family and there is one Livingston family of Islay Argyll origin whose descendant was a relatively close match with a descendant of Neil Livingston and Mary Morrison. So I think it worthwhile for a "Livington" descendant of Donald Livingston b.1802 to consider doing the Familytreedna Y chromosome test which a proven descendant of Neil Livingston and Mary Morrison a great nephew of Dr. Livingstone has already done some years ago. Most Livingston of Argyllshire ancestral Maclea-Livingstone descent that have been tested via familytreedna Y CHromosmome test have not had test result consistent with those of a proven descendant of Neil Livingston and Mary Morrison and relative of Dr. Livingstone's family. A Y chromosome test with familytreedna of a proven "Livingston" descendant of Donald Livingston and Mary Brown sometime in the future would very easily help the descendants of Donald Livingston and Mary Brown to within a few months establish from the test results whether or not their ancestor Donald Livingston is distantly related to Neil Livingston and Mary Morrison or connected with another highland Livingston DNA match group associated with the Maclea Livingstones who resided in parishes of Argyllshire in the 18th and 19th centuries and before that.
Canadian Livingstone
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Re: Duncan Livingston and Christian Beaton of Lettermore, Mu

Postby jae47 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:02 am

There is an ancestry.com (U.S.) user named Tyler Livingston who descends from Donald L. and Mary Brown of Islay (and then Simoce Co, Ontario). He and I have a very small DNA connection via the ancestry.com testing. He would apparently fit your criteria for the Y testing. I sent him a link to the website.
(I know of no male-line descendant form my Lanark County Livingstones. Duncan, son the Alexander, had 2 sons (John and Alex) and they landed with aunts in Hibbert Twsp, Perth Co, Ontario in 1871, after their parents died(?) in Minnesota -- or were unable to care for them. I lose them after the 1881 census, and have hope for years a descendant would find my tree and make themselves known.)
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