Neil Livingston Argyl/Fort William

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Neil Livingston Argyl/Fort William

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Still trying to research my paternal line and keep hitting brick walls. per the DNA testing, there might be an extremely close match with a John Livingston/e from 1773 in Fort William Scotland, I think. my guess either brothers or 1st cousins maybe, but not sure. I also cant go back any further. although today on I found a family tree showing my Neil is the son of Donald Livingston and Christian Campbell but line goes back to the Livingston's of Callendar, so it seems off to me.
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Re: Neil Livingston Argyl/Fort William

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Hi Livingstone Ancestry,

I may be of some help. As I recall the YDNA test involved a descendant of a Livingstone and Bremner of Perthshire who settled in Lanark County, Ontario in the early 1800's. The test results verified what I suspected that some of the Livingstone/Livingstone that resided in neighbouring Perthshire in the 18th century shared a common paternal ancestry with some of those highland Maclea-Livingstones of Western Argyllshire. Not surprising given the proximity of Perthshire with Argyllshire. Regarding a connection with the old Stirlingshire lowland Livingston family it is unlikely. I have only across one person in 20 years a lady in England who contacted me with 19th century detailed letters linking her family to the one of Westquarter Livingston family branches connected to the old Stirlingshire lowland Livingston but no information on any Livingstons of proven Stirlingshire lowland Livingston ancestry matches any of the Livingstons of highland Argyllshire origin that were tested with family tree DNA. Regarding any possible Dr. Livingstone paternal ancestral family connection with your Livingston family that would not be the case. I had a YDNA test done years ago with a known and documented descendant of Dr. Livingstone's older brother almost 20 years ago which definitely proved that Dr. Livingstone great-great nephew was not a match with the mostly Western Argyllshire Maclea Livingstone Parker Livingstone Y DNA group which included a Livingstone-Bremner descendant from your family as well as Livingstone cousin of mine I had tested earlier who descended from a Morvern Parish Livingstone. None of the Livingstons who are match with the Parker Livingston Maclea Livingstone YDNA match group including my own Livingston have Y DNA marker and SNP testing results that are completely different from those Livingstons who share similar results with a descendant of Dr. Livingstone's brother who I had tested years ago with familytreedna.

It has been a few years since were last in contact with the Forum but if I remember correctly the Livingston mentioning a Ft. William highland INverness connection with his Livingstone family is in turn a close match with Livingstone of Mull, Argyll origin and I suspect his paternal roots are with some old Mull, Argyll Maclea Livingstone and your likely as well. As you know the YDNA results for the most part give that precise info that would be ideal, but I think it would fair to say your Livingston ancestor that resided in Perth County and settled later in Canada likely in the past prior to the 1800's shared a common ancestry with a family group of Mull, Argyll Livingstons. These Mull, Argyll Maclea Livingstone in turn share in the 18th century or earlier an ancestral with my own Livingston ancestor Miles LIvingstons and other Maclea Livingstone like him who resided in 18th century and 19th century in neighbouring Morvern Parish which is in the Mull area of Western Argyllshire. One of things that the Y DNA testing of those Livingstone's/Livingstons of known or unknown Mull origins is that most of them with a few exceptions were a reasonably close match with those Livingston of nearby Morvern Parish ancestry. Not really surprising again when one considers the close proximity of Mull and Morvern. I think the particular Livingston said to be of Ft. William origin who is actually a close match with Livignstons of Mull ancestry had a Maclea-Livingston ancestor that settled in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia if I am not mistaken. It was a long time ago now.
Hope this is of some help.


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