Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ontario

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Re: Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ont

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Wed Jul 27, 2011 3:49 am

Hi David,

The historical society may know more about your Doag ancestor than your Livingstones when they resided in Innisfil Township but I was thinking they might be able tell you whether or not presbyterian marriage records from the old Presbyterian Free Church and the other nearby Presbyterian congregation I mentioned in Innisfil Township prior to 1857 survived. Your ancestor and his wife Susanah Doag were very likely married in one of those two Presbyterian churches around 1855 given that their eldest child in Innisfil Township was born apparently in 1856. The children's religion in the 1861 Census and the mothers was Free CHurch so that would be my first guess where the mother and father were married several years earlier. Clearly the Doags had lived in Innisfil Township for a number of years prior to Archibald Livingston's arrival and were members of the Free Church congregation in their vicinity in Innisfil Township which had been established in the 1840's as a breakaway group from the main Presbyterian Church congregation if I understand correctly. Some theological dispute within the Presbyterian Church at the time I suppose.


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Re: Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ont

Postby david.livingstone » Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:33 pm

Donald, it’s been a while and my apologies for not updating much sooner.

Since my last post I’ve been able to discover some additional details that I’d like to share regarding Thomas Doig:

I was able to find his discharge papers from the 78th Regiment of Foot dated 20 December 1824. It states (in part):
These are to certify that Private Thomas Doig born in the parish of Kippen in or near the Town of Stirling in the County of Stirling was enlisted for the aforesaid Regiment at Glasgow in the County of Lanark on the tenth Day of June 1816 at the Age of twenty years for --??-- service. That he hath served in the Army for the space of eight years and 203 Days …

On the back is written:

Private Thomas Doig has laboured under and affection of the liver for the last two years of which ???? he has been under medical treatment at the Regimental Hospital ??? Royal Infirmary about a year and a half without deriving any material benefit, though every measure has been resorted to. He is now very much debilitated, accompanied with a constant pain in the region of the liver, sickness at his stomach, and a loss of appetite. His disease was first contracted at Callan in 1822 from exposure to cold, while employed on reserve duty. I am firmly of the opinion, from the ????? state of his health, he is totally unfit for any service.

This would place his year of birth as 1796 and based on this and his place of birth I believe he is this individual (from

364 M ii. Thomas Doig was born in 1796 in Nether Broich, Kilmadock, Perth, Scotland. He was christened on 10 Jul 1796 in Kippen, Stirling, Scotland.

This is consistent with everything I know of my Thomas Doig so I have a high degree of confidence in this link.

As you mention, it seems there are a LOT of Doig’s in Argenteuil so this could very well assist in connecting Archibald Livingstone from Quebec with my Thomas Doig in Innisfil. Perhaps Thomas Doig had close relatives who lived in Quebec - I have yet to dig into that.

It appears Thomas Doig commuted his pension to reside in the Province of Upper Canada at some point after being discharged after a stay at the Regimental Hospital.

In 1838 a list of commuted pensioners was compiled and Thomas Doig is listed ( ... a.shtml#cp - he’s on line 213). The regiment (78) matches, although the discharge date does not (the site lists 1819 but it is in fact 1824 as per the discharge document I have). Apparently these pensioners were having an extremely hard time making it on their own, and a proposal was put forward to grant them some relief - Thomas appears on that list as well: ... seab.shtml

It’s possible Thomas came to Canada in 1825 - his name appears in “U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s” on ancestry. Unfortunately I no longer have a subscription there, but this is the link if you have a subscription and are interested: ... try&gss=pt

Not sure if this immigration record will establish where he went within Canada...

I viewed the probate records for Thomas Doig as he indeed died intestate on 23 July 1863. There was no additional family information in those - it listed Susannah as his only child and heir and stated that he was a widower. What I found interesting was the list of his worldly possessions - he didn’t die with much.

The land petitions microfilm yielded an entry for Thomas Doig - petition # 36. Looks like his petition for 100 acres of land went before council 5 April 1832 and was recommended.

When I viewed the land records for north ½ Lot 19 7th concession I couldn’t find anything for Thomas Doig. What I found initially confused me.

The first name I see (P1159) is a Thomas Pidd (or Bidd - or other - hard to read). At the bottom it says ‘cancelled’. P1160 is a location ticket and has the name ‘Thomas Pidd’ with a date of 17 November 1830. P1162 has the name James Davis with ‘Cancelled’ written underneath. P1163 is the location ticket with the name James Davis and the year 8 June 1832.

From what I can see there were certain criteria that had to be met to keep the land. I’m guessing these first two individuals lost the land perhaps because they didn’t fulfill those conditions. I’ll have to request the film again and see what follows on the next pages - it was a few years ago now and I cannot recall if there were additional location tickets for the same land… If memory serves, I think I assumed the first Thomas was for Thomas Doig. Either way, including the information I have at the moment.

I realize all the above research is for a non-Livingstone, but as we discussed I believe it was necessary to try and firm up the connection between the Quebec Archibald Livingstone and the one appearing in Innisfil on the 1861 census.

I’ve not pursued the marriage record of Archibald and Susannah as yet - not sure if that will be helpful in any way. The Doig connection as outlined above may be our best bet.
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Re: Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ont

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:17 am

Hi David,

Nice to hear from you again. Sounds like your still doing your Livingstone-Doig family history. It has been relatively quiet here, but the Livingstone research continues. I think there is good possibility that your ancestor Alexander Livingston born abt 1804 Scotland was of Highland Livington origin as you originally thought and I think likely born in Western, Argyll, Scotland, given that his children were named Christy, Archibald, Margaret, Catharine, Mary,
Donald age 11, Jane age 8, John age 6, Agnes age 5, Euphemia age 2. I come across all of these names very frequently among a good number of Livingston families I have researched over the years whose family is born and connected to parishes in Western Argyllshire, Scotland for sure. I would say that almost all Euphemia and Christy Livingstons I have researched in the last 10 years were from parishes in Western Argyll for instance. But as I may have mentioned our Clan Maclea Livingstone Society is involved with familytreedna and we have a Livingstone DNA Project which as been on going for more than 10 years and this genealogy based DNA test is one way a number of Livingstone/Livingstons have utilized to help identify their Livingstone/Livingston family origins and which other Livingston families in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and in Scotland today that they share kinship with. In many cases Livingston families are unable to locate information on their families before the 19th century or don't have any surviving family information on where in Scotland their Livingston families may have originated, so there is a chance that the familytreedna test might provide some clues.


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Re: Archibald Livingston of Lobo Township, Middlesex Cty.Ont

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:37 pm

Hi David,

Assuming the Quebec census info is correct and Archibald's father Alexander Livingston was born in 1804 in Scotland I have found a few Argyll Livingstons who were born or baptized in 1804.
Some Church of Scotland Parish records from Parishes in Argyllshire
Alexander Livingstone of Ardchattan Parish, Argyll 12/11/1804 Parents: Neil Livingstone and Mary McIlriach

Alexander Livingston of Kilmore and Kilbride Parish, Argyll 25/04/1804 Parents: Duncan Livingston and Mary Graham

Alexander Livingston of Torosay and Kilochspelvie Parish, Argyll 13/05/1804 Parents: Duncan Livingston and Nelly Mcdougal.

No guarantee that your ancestor Alexander Livingston's Scottish birth or baptism record still exists but here are three from 1804 that do exist and there is probably at least a 50 per cent chance one of them is your ancestor.


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