James Livingston/Catherina Kuhn ancestry

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Re: James Livingston/Catherina Kuhn ancestry

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:57 pm

Hi Roberta,

Welcome back to the Forum. Nice to hear from you again.
So the James Livingston and Catherina Kuhn ancestry mystery continues. Are the closest matches at 67 markers tested? I think the next step should be to contact those two Livingstone gentleman you mentioned who are your Livingston relative's closest matches at a genetic distance of 3 which may suggest they all shared a Livingston ancestor in the 1700's or something like that if those matches are with 67 markers tested. I think it might be helpful to compare the Livington ancestral line generation by generation info these other two Livingtons have with that of your relative that is matching with them. You would then see if there is any evidence of there being a known common ancestor amongst them or if they have some more detailed Livingston ancestral info that your relative whom was tested does not have. 67-1 and 67-2 would be a closer Livingston ancestral connection but 67-3 also suggests your relatives Livingston ancestral branch and that of theirs did connect a few centuries back.
Anyways see what info they have on their Livingston ancestors and see if any of that is similar to your relatives.


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