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Re: Donald Livingstone

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Tue Jun 19, 2018 7:43 pm

Hi Bill and Greg,

Alas that sale with familytreedna is now over. I managed to set up one of our Livingstons in the Parker Livingston DNA match group with the 111/Big Y SNP combo test bundle but I managed to get that set up a few days before that July 18 deadline. No one in that Maclea LIvingtone group has had SNP. One of the matching Fergusons in that may have some tested but I dont see any Livingstons who have done in that particular group of my Livingston cousin that big SNP test. One hopes with something like 500 SNP's tested they will find some sort of Scottish SNP peculiar to the Livingstons in the Parker Livingston group. Your group has already done some SNP testing I have noticed. Apparently the next step in DNA testing after one does the 67 and 111 Y chromosome testing to help establish who your basic Livingston matches are and which Livingston DNA match group you match with. SNP testing the next step in DNA testing as I understand and I dont really understand it, is useful in determining and distinguishing the more ancient possible ancestral groups you match up and might in some cases in the future suggest whether Scottish ancestor was a Pict or of some other ancient Celt group or some ancient group that lived in Scotland. That is what someday I am hoping to eventually determine with SNP testing. What makes the Parker LIvngstons similar or different from other Livingstone Groups were have identified in the beginning through the Y Chromosome tests.

Anyways i am sorry Bill if I seemed like a door to door salesman, genealogy is actually my interest as you probably have guessed and you being of Kinlochspelvie, Mull ancestry cannot not help but make us wonder which Livingstones in our Clan group you are closely related to of the family branches we have discovered through the DNA tests. This all just a nice hobby to me this Livingstone genealogy. The thing was famlytreedna had that sale till the 18th so I thought I would mention it anyways if you were still interested. Greg our Clan Maclea Livingstone Commissioner, was also I recall initially hesitant about doing a Y chromosome test but as he is saying it worked out well for him and he has learned some things about his ancestry he did not know before because of the test and will no doubt learn more in the future.


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