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Re: Donald Livingstone

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:58 pm

Hi John,

Bill is the first Livingston with roots to Kinlochspelvie Parish dating back to at least the late 1700's. In the earlier contact with Bill I was informed that his earliest ancestors were Duncan Livingston and Catharine Mcdougall. Duncan Livingston appears to have born likely in Torosay, Mull in the 1760's. His parents I have just discovered may have Duncan (Maclea) Livingston Sr. born probably in the 1730's and Sarah McPhadden, but not 100 percent certain of that. What I do know for certain from his 1856 death record at Drimnatain that Duncan Livingston and Catharine McDougall's neighbour at Drimnatain in the early 1800's Angus Livington 1762-1856 according to his death record was the son of Duncan Livingston and Catharine Mcdougal.

As Bill's ancestor's neighbour Angus Livington 1762-1856 is recorded in the 1851 census as being born in Torosay Parish while his son and family are born in Kinlochspelvie Parish in that same census, it would seem that this Livingston family who lived at Drimnatain and near Croggan and Dalhana in the late 1700's and 1800's, likely lived elsewhere in old Torosay Parish earlier in the 1700's. Old Torosay and Kinlochspelvie Parish seem to have connected in later years, but I assume the family in the 1851 are stating that old Angus was born in a different part of Mull than Drimnatain where the others in the family were later born. This info is a helpful clue for Bills family research as it can be stated I think that in the earlier period of the 1700's it appears that his Livingstons lived elsewhere somewhere in old Torosay Parish but still in Mull.

Bill was in touch with the forum earlier as you know and this second phase of the family research has proven to give us some insight into this Kinlochspelvie Parish Livingston family group. A nice addition to our knowledge of some of the Livingstons that resided in Kilfinichen Parish and Kilninian Parish in Mull that we have worked with through the forum or the DNA project. Virtually all of the Livingstons I have worked with on the Forum or our DNA Project with Mull roots the exception of your Kilfinchen Parish Livingstons had ancestors from Kilninian Parish, so with Bill's Livingston family info I think it marks the first time that the forum has been visited with someone with Livingston some roots in Kinlochspelvie and Torosay Parish.

I enjoyed learning about the Killean Cemetery and that some Livingstons with a Drimnatain connection were buried there. Like in the case of Keil Cemetery in Movern, where many of my Livingston kin are apparently buried, most of the older Maclea/Livingston gravestones from the 1800's and well before are missing or they were buried with out a proper gravestone. Some of the more recent Livingston stones fortunately in Killean Cemetery do survive and some of them I recognize as being connected to the Livingstons that resided in nearby Drimnatain or Croggan.


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Re: Donald Livingstone

Postby tinamaclean » Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:16 am

I trace back to duncan Livingstone and Catherine Mcdougal in Croggan. I was excited to find others researching the same line. 5 times great grandfather and grandmother. I am also a member of Mull genealogy.
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Re: Donald Livingstone

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Thu Apr 26, 2018 4:01 am

HI Tina,

Welcome to the Clan Maclea Livingstone Forum. We have had quite a few Mull related Livingston discussions and inquiries here in the past. Bill was the first Livingston of the Drimnatyne/Croggan area Kinlochspelvie Parish, Livingstons of Mull who had contacted our Forum, so his inquiries and family information were greatly appreciated.
How are you related to Duncan Livingston and Catharine McDougall? I have attempted to contact Bill letting him know there is another Croggan Livington researcher visiting our Forum. The Forum or myself have been contacted over the years by a number of Livingstons of
Mull and Ross of Mull ancestry. Many of our Mull and neighbouring Morvern Livingston descendants or their kin who have been in contact are a part of our familytreedna genealogical Y chromosome DNA project and these tests have confirmed that almost all Mull Livingstons were ancestrally related to their neighbouring in Morvern Parish where my Livingston family originated. This Forum however gets genealogical inquiries and family history from Livingstons from a variety of origins as you can see from the many past postings going back to 2004.

I am also a fan of Mull Genealogy and great family research work that has been shared there over the years. My personal favourite is the Mull settlement locator that I use from time to time also very helpful when trying to find the old settlements of Mull where Livingstons lived in the 1700's and 1800's at Mull. It was a brilliant idea I have to say and very helpful also as even some of the detailed old ordnance survey maps don't always include some of the small more obscure Mull settlements necessarily. Great to have access to a searchable Mull settlement index with the old spellings of the settlements and a map with their locations. Kudos to whichever Mull researcher who came up with that idea. I used that locator index and an recreated 18th and 19th century Mull settlement map quite a bit over the years.

I had to refresh my memory on the basic info located regarding Bill's Mull Livingston family:

1. Duncan Livingston and Catharine McDougall of Drimnatyne, Torosay and Kilochspelvie Parish, Mull

2.Neil Livingston baptized Dec. 5, 1795 Kinlochspelvie Parish d. 1889 Crinan Knapdale Parish, Argyll m. Feb. 2, 1821 Drimnatyne, Torosay Mary Mclean b. 1798 d. Croggan, Kinlochspelvie Parish, Dec. 9, 1879

3. Donald Livingston baptized January 1, 1828 Drimnatyne, Torosay died Sask. Canada 1921
With Euphemia McAlpine (1)
married July 14, 1857 Lochbuy, Kinlochspelvie Parish, Argyll
1. Betsy Livingston b.March 29, 1858 d. Nov 17, 1858
2. Neil Livingston b. Oct. 17, 1861 Drimnatyne
3.John Livingston b. May 17, 1863 Drimnatyne
4.Alexander Livingston b. March 30, 1865 Croggan Village
(Euphemia McAlpine died August 28,, 1866 Croggan Village)

With Euphemia McDougall (2)
married April 20, 1868 Greenock, Renfrewshire
1.Duncan Livingston b. April 11, 1869 Croggan Village
2. Jane Livingston b.April 12,1875 Croggan Village

4. Alexander Livingston b. 1865 Croggan Village, Kinlochspelvie parish, Mull married ?[/b]

Donald Livingston and his wife Euphemia and family including their son Alexander (Bill's ancestor) settled in Canada in the late 1870's and early 1880's.

Then in the 1891 Census in Canada for the N.W.Territories Assinaboia East Broadview (Later Province of Saskatchewan)
Donald Livingston age 70
Euphemie Livingston age 60
John Livingston age 26
Alexander Livingston age 24
Jane Livingston age 16


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Re: Donald Livingstone

Postby jmlivingstone » Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:55 pm

I just came across the info below, on Mull Families, reference the marriage of David Stewart Livingstone & Mary Livingstone, both resident Torosay. I'm not too sure if the introduction of a second Livingstone family will help or hinder the research.

Mull Families site has a large amount of info on various branches of your family, all well worth a look at.
It is now a subscription free site, all that is required is to register. I have used the site for a few years now, & can highly recommend it,


1. David Stewart Livingstone

b. abt. 1841, Kinlochspelvie,

d. 21 Jan 1929 Craignure, (now main ferry terminal from Oban).

F. Duncan Livingstone

b. abt. 1785 Torosay.

d. 1863 Kinlochspelvie.

M. Mary McDougall

chr. 1798 Torosay.

d. 21 Dec 1874 Croggan.

Duncan & Mary married 05 Feb 1822

2. Mary Livingstone

F. Neil Livingstone

b. 05 Dec 1795 Torosay

d. 1889 North Knapdale.

M. Mary McLean

b. abt 1797 Torosay

d. 09 Dec 1879 Croggan

3. David Stewart Livingstone – m – Mary Livingstone 18 May 1869.
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Re: Donald Livingstone

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Wed May 02, 2018 2:51 am

Hi Tina,

Here is what I had found regarding the family of Duncan Livingston and Catharine McDougall. Which child of Duncan and Catharine are you descended from?

Livingston Family no. 1 of Drimnatain circa early 1800's
Duncan Livingston b. 1760's? and Catharine Mcdougal of Drimnatyne,Killochspelvie Parish, Mull
1. Angus Livingston b. March 13, 1794 Drimnatyne
2. Niel Livingston born December 5, 1795 born at Drimnatyne,kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull
3. Mary Livingston b. March 17, 1798 Drimnatyne
also entries for a Duncan Livingston and Nelly Mcdougal could be the same family a Duncan Livingston and Catharine Mcdougal
John Livingston b. 18/01/1804 Drimnatyne
Alexander Livingston b. 13/05/1804 Drimnatyne


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