Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:35 am

Hi John,

Welcome to the Clan Maclea Livingstone Forum. Two related Achabegg, Morvern families settled in Scioto County and neighbouring Lawrence County, Ohio the first one in the late 1840's and the second one left Morvern in 1851 to join the other relatives that were living in Scioto County, Ohio and subsequently the second Livingston family settled in neighbouring Lawrence County. In the late 1840's Angus Livingston b. 1808 in Barr Morvern who had been in America for a few years was joined by his widowed mother Catharine Livingston (Mrs. Duncan Livingston Sr.) formerly in the 1840's a tenant with her son Duncan Livingston Jr. b. 1810 and they ended up living with her son Angus Livingston b. 1808 and his wife wife Margaret Livingston and their infant Duncan Livingston 1850-1910 later Ohio Lawyer and family genealogist by 1850 in Scioto County, Ohio. In 1851 the widow Mrs Hugh Livingston Euphemia Campbell the daughter in law of the widow Catharine Livingston of Scioto County and former croft neighbour at Achabegg back in Morvern, left Morvern with her children in the year 1851 according to passenger records and apparently joined her husbands family in Scioto County, Ohio. Subsequently in the 1850's Euphemia Campbell Livingston and her family ended up apparently living in neighbouring Lawrence County, Ohio. There is quite a bit of information on this forum regarding these two Achbegg, Morvern families that settled in late 1840's and 1851 in Ohio on this Forum. I am in touch with two descendants of the Euphemia Livingston who came to Ohio in 1851 widow of Mr. Hugh Livingston who died possibly in 1847 in Achabegg, Morvern. As mentioned her children lived in Lawrence County, Ohio. Perhaps that is the MOrvern family who settled in 1851 who you are referring to. We would be interested if you share a simple generation by generation ancestral line list of family connection as far back as you can go, to your Ohio Livingston so that we can confirm it is the same family and also to get a sense how you are related to the Ohio Livingston family.

I am sorry there is no closely related Livingston family connection between these two related Ohio Livingston families both originally from Barr and later Achabegg, MOrvern with the Anson County North Carolina Livingston according to familytreedna testing, although they share a share a distant highland Argyllshire common ancestor according to these same tests just not closely related. Interesting about your wife's North Carolina Covington family connection. Please let me know how you are related to the Ohio Livingston family who settled in 1851 and what you know of your own family connection to that family. Myself and two others connected to this forum have done a lot of research and in some cases made some revisions to original understanding of the original Morvern family that settled in Ohio.

I am of Morvern Livingstone ancestry distantly related but not closely related to the Morvern Livingston I mention who settled in Ohio in the mid 1800's but the other two researchers I have been working with are in fact direct descendant of Euphemia Livingston widow of Hugh Livingston of Achbegg, Morvern (See 1841 Scottish census Achabegg, Morvern, Argyll for Hugh and Euphemia Livingston.) Hugh died between 1846-1850 probably following the birth of their last child around 1846 and then impoverished Euphemia ended up with some of the children housed with other dispossessed tenants in Lochaline, Morvern and some of the older children found work. Then in 1851 sometime after the 1851 Census was conducted, Euphemia and all of her children left later in 1851 for America and ultimately to join her brother-in law Angus Livingston and his wife, brother in law Duncan Livington Jr. brother in law John Livingston and her mother in law Catharine Livingston widow of Duncan Livingston Sr. who all in 1850 according to the U.S Census resided on the farm of Euphemia's brother in law Angus Livingston and his wife Margaret. Sometime later in the 1850's Euphemia and children settled in neighbouring Lawrence County.


Canadian Livingstone
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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

Postby johnbuchan » Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:55 pm

I am your friend Stephen Livingston. John Buchan is my Clan Livingstone screen name. Yes, I am one of the descendants of Euphemia Campbell Livingston whom you are already in touch with!

I should have made that clear when I posted. I apologize for causing you to take the time to write that explanatory reply to my post; but I must also say, I am very glad now to have your concise, articulate summary of what is known about my Livingston ancestors. I thank you very much for that!
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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:09 am

Hi Stephen,
(Or should I say say Cousin Stephen.)
Welcome to the Anson County, North Carolina Clan Maclea Livingstone section of our research department. Yes the John Buchan had me fooled.
The Anson County North Carolina Livingstons as you may or may not know are descended from an Angus Livingston who came to America in the 1790's apparently and settled in ANson County, North Carolina in the early 1800's. There is unfortunately no family info or North Carolina records that state where Angus came from but DNA testing with familytreedna by descendants of two different sons of old Angus has sons Duncan and John confirms that with a match with your Parker Livingston group they are almost certainly of Western Argyll ancestry. I also learned that a number of Scottish famiies who settled in this area of North Carolina near the South Carolina border are known to have originated from Argyllshire and their clan names clearly suggest that is the case. Alan Livingston who is of another highland Livingston family who lives in nearby New Scotland County, North Carolina is also a match with your Parker Livingston group. As he also has no info on where his Livingtons came from in Scotland, the DNA test turned out to be of some help to him in identifying his family being of definite Western Argyllshire origin, though the parish of origin is not yet certain. I am have also worked with a family of Livingstons from nearby Montgomery County, North Carolina who are a match with Livingstons in another Livingstone DNA group. Lots of Livingstons and related families in North Carolina and much highland settlement there particularly in the 1700's and early 1800's before highlanders began to settle in great numbers in Canada and Australia.


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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

Postby Ansondon » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:14 pm

I'm replying to Alex L.

Yes, my line runs from John B. Livingston, the second son of Duncan Livingston, the father of your ancestor, Angus M. Livingston. To try to pinpoint the Livingston property, I suggest that you obtain the 1904 map of Anson County, copies of which are sold by the Anson County Historical Society. The map is very detailed. It includes the names and locations of families then living in the county, which proves significant in our search for the Livingston homestead. We know from land deeds that Duncan Livingston owned property on both Savannah Creek, and on "the Fall Branch" of Smith's Creek. Both Savannah Creek and Smith's Creek were SW of the Pee Dee River. We know from Duncan's will that his homestead was "north of the ridge road." The 1904 map of Anson County shows that between Smith's Creek and Savannah Creek on Ridge Road (now Ingram Mountain Road) was the Fall Branch School (possibly near the current Fall Branch Church, Ingram Mountain Road, in Lilesville). It is reasonable to assume, it seems to me, that the Livingston homestead was very close by, and very likely north of where this school was in 1904, but SE of Savannah Creek. This area is shown on the map as near property owned by families Seago, Sanders, Linsay, and Cox, which are the names of persons who were involved in land transactions with the Livingstons going back to the 18th century. The area is also near Olivet Church, which is the church Duncan attended and where some Livingstons are buried. If you search for Duncan's homestead, please let me know how the search turns out. I've seen references to a "Livingston burial ground" and guess that it is on this property.

- Don
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