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Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:31 pm
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Don,

I am refreshing my memory regarding the Anson County Livingstons. I did some research on this family group some years ago now but anything that you have learned would be greatly appreciated. I like to set up these postings with the specific subject so that future Anson County, North Carolina Livingston researchers might at some point see the information and discussions.

Duncan Livingston b. abt. 1790 in North Carolina d. June 11, 1861 Lilesville, ANson County, N.C. m. Martha (McCormick?) 1795-1876, March 26, 1821 in North Carolina
Lived at Sandy Point and Lilesville, Anson County, North Carolina

1. Angus Livingston b. December 25, 1821 d. Sept. 3, 1885 Anson County, NC. m. Martha Covington Sept 6, 1843 Wadesboro, Anson County, N.C.
2. John B. Livingston 1824-1870
3. James P. Livingston 1826 - June 19, 1902 Alabama
4. Eleanor Livingston b. 1828
5. Martha Livingston b. 1833
6. Susan Livingston b. Nov. 14, 1834 m. John Vick
7. Isaiah Coke 1840-1862

Re: Duncan Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:10 pm
by Ansondon

Thank you for your messages. I'm reposting my reply to line it up under the Duncan Livingston subject line.

Before there was a Duncan Livingston in Anson County, there was Angus. Neither Angus nor any other Livingston is shown in the 1790 federal census of Anson County. According to later census records, Angus was born about 1740, but I have found no record of him before 1798. (More about this below). On August 11, 1910, Mrs. Mary F. Lindsay dictated and signed an affidavit that gave her family history. Her grandmother, Mary Flake, and grandfather, John Smith, were early settlers on Smith’s creek. Of significance to the Livingston family history, Mary’s stated that John Smith had his home on the Stanback Ferry Road about 4 miles from Lilesville, North Carolina. Their land was on Smith’s Creek, Savannah Creek, and Cedar Creek. She stated that her grandfather, “John Smith, and old Mr. Livingstone, were the oldest settlers in this neighborhood that I ever heard of, and old Mr. Livingstone has been dead for over seventy years and my grandfather died before he died, but I don’t know how long before Mr. Livingstone died.”

A son, Duncan, was born to Angus in 1790. We know this date from Duncan’s obituary published 71 years later. A best guess is that Angus was about 50 years old when Duncan was born, and Duncan’s mother was no older than 32.

In 1798, Angus purchased 96 acres on Savannah Creek in North Carolina from Richard and Sarah Tallent adjoining the property of Thomas Tallent. In 1800, Angus is first shown in the census for Anson County. He is listed as 45 or older, making him born before 1755. Listed with him are a male between the age of 16-25 (born between 1775-1784), and a male under age 10 (born in or after 1790). Based on other census and land records, it likely that the older male is John Livingston, and the younger male is Duncan. Angus’ paternity of John and Duncan is stated in land transactions between them. Angus also had two females under age 10. I believe they are Angus’ daughters, Catherine and Mary, and one female age 26 to 42 (born between 1758 and 1774), who was Angus’ presumptive wife. She would have been born between 1758 and 1774.

In 1805, Angus purchased 60 acres of land on the Fall Branch of Smith’s Creek adjoining the property that Angus “now lives on.” This seems to confirm Angus as the “old Mr. Livingstone” mentioned in Mary Lindsay’s affidavit. In 1807, Angus Livingston purchased an additional 200 acres of land on the Fall Branch of Smith’s Creek.

In 1810 John purchased 150 acres of land on the Camp Branch of Savannah Creek. His brother, Duncan, witnessed the deed. I believe that a third son, Hugh Livingston, was born to Angus about this time. I don’t have a good fix on the date.

In 1813 and 1814 Duncan became a landowner too. He obtained a land grant of 100 acres of land adjacent to land owned by Angus.

In 1819, Angus gave by deed to “his son” Duncan an interest for Angus’s life in two parcels of land: one was 96 acres on Savannah Creek and the other 60 acres on Smith’s creek. It is this deed that conclusively establishes Duncan as the son of Angus.

I have not discovered the date of Duncan’s marriage to his wife Martha, or Martha’s surname. However records do show that on Christmas Day, 1821, Martha gave birth to Duncan’s first son, Angus M. Livingston. Three years later in 1824, a second son, John B. Livingston was born.

You give Martha "McCormick "as the name of Duncan’s wife. I can find no confirmation of the name “McCormick.”

Land records show that the middle name of Angus M. Livingston began “McK” or “MacK.” If this is correct, persons who list him in their family tree as Angus “McLean” are wrong.

*Angus Livingston
**John (1780-1847) either married to “Sarah” or “Sarah” was his daughter. She took a 1/3 share of his estate when John died in 1847.
***Charles Edward (1819-1884 (Tishoningo, Miss.) m. Elizabeth S. Harris
***Mary A. (1819-1884) m. Christopher Oliver Guion (Guin)
**Duncan (1790-1861) m. Martha W. (1798-1870)
***Angus MacK Livingston (1821-1885) m. Martha D. Covington (1824-1909)
***John B. (1826-1869) m. Adeline Fort (1829 – after 1889). About 1855, John B. moved the family to Wilcox County Alabama to the planation of Leon Ratcliff. They returned to Anson County either during or some time after the Civil War.
***James P. (1826-1902) m. Sallie Carson and m. Nancy Covington. Moved to Marengo, Alabama before the Civil War.
***Alexander L. (1828-1874) m. Mary Ann Boggan, and m. Louzette F. Hayes
***Eleanor (1828 - --) m. Eli P. Harrell
***Susan (1834-1888) m. John P. Vick
***Isaiah Coke (1840-1862) Died during Civil War
***Martha (1840---) m. Daniel McLauren
**Hugh (1810-1845) m. Thetis Allen
***Mary Ann (1833-1883) m. James L. Watkins
***Elizabeth (1834-1902) m. John Culpepper Smith and m. John Thomas Smith
***Roxanne (Catherine) (1836-1892) m. John Robinson Livingston
***Sarah Frances (1838-1893) m. John Alexander Avett

Best regards,

Re: Duncan Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:46 am
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Don,

In Duncan's will written in 1861 she is just referred to as "Martha Livingston" and in some of the Census records. I don't really know where some family researchers came up with her family name as being "McCormick". My best guess would be the 1821 marriage record, but I not seen the original record to verify it, just seen a marriage date stated by one researcher of March 26, 1821 for the couple. I wonder if any of the children of Duncan and Martha have death records which record the maiden name of their mother Martha. Definitely have not seen proof that Martha's name was McCormick and unless it was mentioned in that 1821 marriage record or at the time of her death I really am not sure where or how they came up with "McCormick". No proof then that Angus Livingston's middle name was McLean. Made a note of that.

Interesting if you look at the North Carolina census records in the 1820's and 1830's you had three old Livingstons born in the 1750's in relative close proximity to one another. Duncan Livingston born between 1750 and 1760 living in Richmond County, Peter Livingston Sr. b. between 1750 and 1760 living in Robeson County and Angus Livingston born between 1750 and 1760 living in Anson County. The old Richmond County Livingstons had a story I was told of a number of brothers coming to America, but it did not state that a number of them all settled in North Carolina, but who knows maybe more than one did. The Anson and Richmond County Livingstons seem to share a common ancestor some centuries ago in Argyllshire Scotland suggested by the DNA testing I think but I am not sure it proves that old Angus of Anson County and old Duncan Livington of Richmond County were brothers. More testing Y chromosome testing direct Livingston descendant of Angus Livingston of Anson County and a test done on a descendant of the Robeson County Livingston Peter Livington Sr. might tell us more. We already have two Livingston descendants of Duncan Livingston of Richmond County tested. I am hoping then ultimately to either prove or disprove my hunch that the Anson and or the Robeson County Livingstons might be kin to the nearby Richmond County Livingston family of Duncan Livington and his Son Hugh Livingston born abt. 1805 or 1803 and his wife Mary Gibson. Apparently in addition to Hugh's father Duncan arriving from Scotland there were a few other brothers, but nothing was known of them. I have determined from the early census records of Richmond County that Hugh's father Duncan was also born in the 1750's interestingly but this also I suppose just be a coincidence. Anyways I am curious if it is possible that old Angus Livingston of Anson County and or Peter Livingston Sr. of Robeson County who died in the 1830's might be related to old Duncan Livingston of Richmond County.

Have you seen the 1821 marriage record for Duncan and Martha? I don't seen any info where in North Carolina they were married.



Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:11 am
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Don,
Sorry for any confusion when the changed the name of the posting to Angus Livingston, but I thought I should change the title of this posting site to Angus Livingston, ANson County, North Carolina so that all descendants and researchers of all Anson County Livington pioneer settlers from the early 1800's out there somewhere might see the posting eventually.

The descendant of an Anson County Livingston who participated in our DNA project is apparently connected to Angus Livingston through his son John Livingston who in turn had a son named Charles Edward Livingston. I found a fragment of info that seems to indicate that from a relative of the DNA project participant. Interestingly I see that an Charles Edward Livingston born abt. 1827 in ANson County to a John Livingston after 1850 apparently moved to Mississippi. I found the Anson County Census info confirms that there was a John Livingston connected apparently to Angus Livingston

original document page
1820 Census Harris, Anson County, N.C.
Angus Livingston (not recorded by apparently but on original 1820 document page I noticed )
John Livingston age between 26-44

original Document page
1830 Census Anson County, N.C.
Angus Livingston age between 90 and 99
Duncan Livingston age between

Angus Livingston died around 1830 according to a 1910 account that you have and he does not in fact appear in the 1840 Census

original document page 37
1840 Census Anson County, N.C.
John Livingston age between 50-59 (believed to be father of a Charles Edward Livingston b. abt. 1827( C.E. L. later in Mississippi)

Original Document page 36
1840 Census Anson County, N.C
Duncan Livingston age between 40-49
Rufus Siles
Catharine Livingston age between 40-49

1840 Census Anson County, N.C page 44
Hugh Livingston age between 30-39

I am wondering given the above census info if Angus had a son John as well as Duncan? It appears from some info that I found today that the DNA project participant with ancestry in Anson County is connected to Angus Livingston through his son John Livingston who had a son Charles Edward Livingston born abt. 1827 in Anson County, North Carolina. Charles Edward Livingston appears in the next census of 1850 residing with wife Elza in Tishomingo, Mississippi.


Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:04 pm
by Ansondon
Yes, as I stated in my post, John was the oldest son of Angus. I have established this link conclusively. I'll re-post and refer to the document that shows this.

- Don

Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:26 pm
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Don,
Thanks for that. I knew very little about the Anson County family group before you contacted the forum actually. Your information had filled in quite a few blank spaces in my head regarding Duncan's father and his brother John I was not clear on. Even more importantly your detailed info may be seen by other North Carolina Livingston researchers in particular those who may be like you ancestral connected to old Angus Livingston of Anson County, NC. My speciality is Western Argyllshire parish and census records and Canadian Livingstons but I have worked a fair bit of research assisting Livingston folks from America and in the process learning about Western Argyllshire livings tons that settled in Scottish communities in America. In the past i have worked with direct descendant of James T. Livingston of Islay Argyllshire who settled in Montgomery County, N.C. His son was a stone mason and made a good attempt at constructing his version of a highland Argyllshire table tomb for his parents in an old cemetery in N.C. I also worked with a direct descendant of Hugh Livingston b. abt. 1805 of Richmond County, N.C son of another old Scottish settler Duncan Livingston born probably in the 1750's and who arrived sometime in the 1790's or before 1805 in what was Richmond County. The descendant of Hugh has not had much luck locating many land records of Richmond County pertaining to Hugh's father Duncan Livingston in the early 1800's. The descendant still lives very close to the cemetery in New Scotland County, North Carolina where some of his Livingston kin are buried. I found it interesting to learn from him that there is quite a community of folks with Western Argyllshire clan names in addition to Livingston indicating the communities ancestral connection to highland Argyllshire and to Scotland. Some of the North Carolina info I have not been working for a few years now, so no doubt some of it I have forgotten and need to greatly refresh my memory, but I quite enjoying working with the North Carolina Livingstons. We have also have a lot of folks of highland Scottish origin here in Canada including a very large population of them in Nova Scotia.

Not sure if the lady that was doing the Anson County family research ever completed her Livingston family research but if I can get in touch with her she would no doubt be interested in your detailed research you have done on Angus Livingson and the Anson County Livingstons. I have sent her a message but I don't think she has been doing the research in recent years or for that matter can be still contacted. I did fortunately manage however to reconstruct a basic ancestral line of the late William Gunter Livngton of Tennessee today as best I understand to show you the connection of William with John Livingston and his father old Angus of Anson County, North Carolina. I guess you would distant cousin to the late William Gunter Livingston of Tennessee descended from Angus Livingston's other son Duncan. I wanted to confirm the details of William Gunter Livngston's ancestral connection with Angus which I think I have here. A bit of a work it was for sure but here it is:

1. Angus Livington b.abt. 1740 possibly in Argyll, Scotland d. around 1830 in Anson County, North Carolina

2.John Livingston b. abt. 1780 (possibly in Argyll, Scotland) d. 1847 in Anson County, North Carolina m. ? in Anson County, North Carolina

3. Charles Edward Livingston b. abt. 1827 in Anson County, North Carolina m. Eliza Harris in Anson County, North Carolina

4. William Franklin Livingston b. June 16, 1847 Anson County, North Carolina d. June 23, 1925 or June 25, 1923 m. Sarah Bearden January 29, 1870 Tishamingo, Mississippi

5. Dexter Guy Livingston b. Aug 5, 1883 Alcorn, Mississippi, USA died Oct. 15, 1957 Abbeville, Lafayette, Mississippi m. Ina Lee Williams

6. William Martin Livingston b. Dec. 7, 1907 Abbeville, Lafayette, Mississipi d. Bartlett, Shelby County Tennessee Feb. 15, 1937 m. Floy Gunter

7. William Gunter Livingston b. May 20,1933 Bartlett, Shelby Tennessee d. Oct. 28, 2011 Bartlett, Shelby County, Tennessee

I only discovered last year that William had unfortunately passed away a few years ago. You never know though we may hear someday from a Livingston connected with William's branch of the old Anson County Livingston family who sees the Anson County info posted here. Or some other Livingstons connected in some other way to Angus Livingston's son John or John's brother Duncan.



Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:48 am
by Ansondon

On June 1, and on September 15, 1819, Angus Livingston conveyed property in Anson County to Duncan Livingston "in consideration for the parental regard he has for his son, Duncan." The records of these transaction are in Anson County NC Deed Book T, pp. 28-30. Both deeds were witnessed by John Livingston.

On February 15, 1825, Angus Livingston conveyed property in Anson County to John Livingston "in consideration of the parental regard he has for his son, John." The record of this transaction is located in Anson County NC Deed Book W, p. 349. The conveyance was witnessed by Duncan Livingston and Hugh Livingston.

Best regards,


Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:11 am
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Don,

Wow. Those land records turned out be a treasure trove for verifying the family connection of John Livingston with Angus and Duncan. If an ancestor owned property it is definitely a good idea to go through the old land records. I noticed the other researcher did mention something about there being a tax record as early as 1790 for Angus Livingston in Anson County. There is of course no Angus Livingston recorded as a resident in the 1790 Census, so perhaps they were mistaken about the tax record.I don't have any further info on that just something that was mentioned by the other researcher. Duncan was born abt. 1790 in North Carolina and the census records certainly state he was born in North Carolina then Angus may have been paying taxes in North Carolina though she may be mistaken about 1790 in Anson County. Is is possible there is a 1790 tax record for Angus Livingston somewhere in the North Carolina records ?

I don't know that there was a surviving Anson County birth record for Charles Edward Livingston that stated 1827 that is just a date I found with some family trees that included Charles Edward on Most of his Census info with one exception,beginning with the first census of 1850 when he is first living with his wife Eliza Harris in Mississippi for first time to the 1880 Census suggest that he was born abt. 1826 or 1827. All indicate he was born in North Carolina and his wife Eliza Harrris as well. All their children are recorded as being born in Mississippi except their eldest a son William Franklin Livingston who was born abt. 1848 in Anson County, North Carolina just before they left Anson County, NC. for Tishomingo, Mississippi.



Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:05 pm
by Ansondon
I am not aware of a 1790 tax record. Angus and John are on the 1815 tax record for Anson County. I have no record of Angus before 1798.

Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:27 pm
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Don,

That is probably what she meant then. The 1815 Tax record.