Peter Livingston Jr. of Robeson County, North Carolina

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Peter Livingston Jr. of Robeson County, North Carolina

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:59 pm

The 1810 U.S Census indicates that a Peter Livingston (Sr.) is a resident of Robeson County, North Carolina. It does not state where he was born but he may have been born in Argyll, Scotland between the years 1750 and 1760 according to his last census of 1830. One researcher indicated that Peter Livingston Sr. or Patrick Livingston Sr. died a few years after the 1830 Census in 1832 and there is apparently a surviving will dated March 23, 1832. The same researcher stated that there is record Patrick Livington having arrived in North Carolina Wilmington, New Haven North Carolina by 1808. This was likely the little known Patrick or Peter Livington Sr. of Robeson County early resident Peter Livingston the elder, father of Peter Livingston Jr. born abt. 1788/1790 in North Carolina and the earliest of this Livingston family to live in Robeson County. Further info on the little known Peter Livingston Sr.:North Carolina Livingston information from the Directory of Scots in the Carolinas Vol. 1 David Dobson "Peter Livingston Born in Scotland in 1764. Emigrated to America in 1804. A farmer in Robeson County, N.C. with a wife and three children in 1812"

The 1830 U.S Census indicates that a Peter Livingston Sr. is a resident of Robeson County, North Carolina. The 1830 Census is the last census that Peter Livingston Senior appears in Robeson County and the census info describes him only as being between 70 and 79. There is also a female recorded only as between 70 and 79. Based on that info I assume that this little known Peter Livingston Sr. and his unknown wife were born sometime between the year 1750 and 1760.

Peter Livingston Sr. apparently died in 1832 and his unknown wife died also apparently in the 1830's in Anson County, Robeson County and by the time of the 1840 Census his son Peter Livingston Jr. is for the first timerecorded as the principal Livingston householder in Robeson County. His age is not given but it is stated that the eldest male adult in the residence is between the age of 40 and 49 and the eldest female between the ages of 40 and 49 which appears to apply to Peter livingston Sr's son Peter Livingston Jr who was born abt. 1788 in North Carolina and his wife Isabella McGoogan who was born abt. 1794. Peter Livingston Jr. died May 29, 1862 in Robeson County, North Carolina and his wife Isabella died August 4, 1880 in Robeson County, North Carolina They were both buried at Raeford Cemetery, in what is now in Hoke County, North Carolina but at one time in Robeson County, N.C.

Known Children of Peter Livingston the Younger and his wife Isabella McGoogan that lived at Lumberton, Robeson County, NC were:
Hugh McGoogan Livingston
Sarah Livingston b. abt. 1821
John Livingston b. abt. 1824
Catharine J. Livingston b. abt. 1836
Isabella Caroline Livingston?
Duncan James Livingston b. abt. 1838
Eliza Livingston b. abt. 1840
Mary Margaret Livingston b. abt. 1842
Susan Livingston b. abt. 1844

More later on the family of Peter Livingston Jr. and his wife Isabella McGoogan

Interestingly 1850 Census indicates that one other Livingston family circa 1850 resided at Lumberton, Robeson County. They were located in the Upper Division. The head of the household is widower Sarah Livingston age 45 born abt. 1805 and her children Mary age 21, Peter Livingston age 19, Duncan age 17, Neil age 15, Florah age 13, Alex age 10, Sarah age 8. I am wondering is Sarah is the widow of another son of Peter Livingston Sr that I am not aware of. By the 1860 Census, Sarah appears to have passed away and some of her children continue to reside in the Lumberton area including Sarah's son Peter Livingston born abt. 1825 and his siblings Duncan Livingston, Neil Livingston and Sarah Jane Livington.

It is not known yet whether Peter Livingston Sr. and Peter Livingston Jr. of Robeson County, North Carolina were related to any of the other Livingston families that lived in nearby Richmond and Anson County, North Carolina. It is my hope that sometime in the future we can determine whether or not the Robeson Livingston were related to these "other" old North Carolina Livingston families of highland Argyllshire Scottish origin.


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