DonaldLivingston and Janet Campbell Ensay TreshnishMull

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DonaldLivingston and Janet Campbell Ensay TreshnishMull

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:08 pm

This is an update of an old Mull family that was thought to connect with a Livingston that contact the forum a while back but turned out not to be the case. The information and research was worthwhile and I have saved most of it here, updating it a bit in case the forum ever gets contacted by a descendant of this family. We have had over the year several Livingstons contact the forum whose ancestors originated in Mull, Argyll.

Tenant Donald Livingston and Janet Campbell resided in the late 1700's at Ensay and nearby Treshnish in Kilninain Parish, Mull. They were residing at Ensay when married March 25,1788 according to the Kilninian Parish Church of Scotland records.
Baptisms of Children
1. Alexander Livingston of Ensay baptized 07/03/1790 d. Nov.8, 1876 Glasgow, Scotland m. 1. Christina McLucash of Arin 04/03/1817 Ensay 2.Isabel McColl
2. Mary Livingston of Ensay baptized 25/03/1792 ?
3. Mary Livingston baptized 06/03/1796 ?
4. Duncan Livingston of Treshnish baptized 12/11/1797 d. July 25, 1864 Treshnish, Mull m. Aug. 18,1826 at Einsay Isabel McLucash
5.Mary Livingston of Treshinish baptized 22/06/1800 ?
6.Catharine Livingston
7. Ann Livingston of Treshnish baptized 08/02/1802
8. John Livingston of Reudle, Kilninian Parish, Mull baptized 08/02/1805 (Could not find this entry)
9. Isabel Livingston of Redal, Kilninian Parish, Mull baptized 13/06/1811

Parents of Donald Livingston born in the 1760's possibly in Ensay were most like Alexander Livingston and Mary Mcinnen of Ensay The eldest son of Donald Livingston was named Alexander probably after Donald's father. While Donald's baptism does not survive, a John Livingston son of Alexander Livingston and Mary Mcinnen was baptized 16/10/1766 and is possibly and younger brother of Donald. Nearby residing in Treshnish at this time was Duffus Livingston and his wife Mary Campbell and family. Duffus Livingston was born likely in the 1740's and may have been related to these Ensay area Livingstons.

Maps with Ensay and Treshnish, Mull near Calgary Bay ... li/os6inch

In the 1861 Scottish Census Alexander Livingston age 71 born Kilninian Parish is residing at Treshnish with his second wife Isabel age 68 and sons Archibald age 24 and John age 21. I guess that pretty much confirms the earlier Treshnish and nearby Ensay, Mull Livingston family connection.

The death entry info of Alexander Livingston who died on Nov. 6, 1876 at age 86 in Glasgow, District of Tradeston, Lanarkshire was worth looking at because it states that Alexander's parents were John Livingston and Janet Campbell when they were actually Donald Livingston and Janet Campbell of Ensay according to Alexander's own baptism record of 1790. The informant was Alexander's daughter in law Ann Livingston so she could easily have not been too familiar with the details of the family. The death record confirms that Alexander was born abt. 1790. The informant states that Alexander was was married to a Christy McDougall and then to a Isabella MCColl but it should have states first wife Christy McLucash and Isabella McColl.

Alexander Livingston of Ensay was married on March 4, 1817 to Christy McLucash of Arin in Mull.
Alexander Livingstone and Christy McLucash of Ensay a daughter Mary Livingston baptized Feb. 8, 1818
[b]Alexander Livingstone and Christy McLucash of Ensay a son Donald Livingstone baptized September 9, 1819[/b]
Alexander Livingstone and Christina McLucash of Einsay a son Duncan Livingstone baptized November 26, 1820
Christina McLucash died sometime between 1821 and 1825 apparently
No surviving marriage record for Alexander Livingstone and second wife Isabel McColl probably married about 1824
Alexander Livingstone and Isobel McColl of Ensay a daughter Ann Livingstone baptized March 29, 1825
Alexander Livingstone and Isobell McColl of Ensay a daughter Janet Livingstone baptized July 11, 1826

Scottish Census info

1841 Scottish Census Kilninian Parish Treshnish
Alex Livingstone age 50
Isabella age 40
Duncan age 20
Catharine age
Anne age 15 Child of Alexander Livingston and second wife Isabel McColl
Jennet age 13 " "
Hugh age 12
Catharine age 10
Isabella age 8
Archibald age 5
Julian age 2

1861 Census Kilninian Parish, Mull Treshnish
Alexander Livingston age 70 born Kilninian Parish
Isabella Livingston age 67 born Kilninian Parish
Archibald Livingston age 24 Kilninian Parish
Juan (John?) Livington age 22 Kilninian Parish

Alexander Livingstone died Nov. 6, 1876 age 86 yrs Glasgow, Tradeston District, Lanarkshire Parents: John Livingston (error)and Janet Campbell (Approximate birth year from death age of Alexander Livingston about 1790)
widower of two wives 1. (Error) 2. Isabella McColl

His daughter in law Ann Livingston was the informant stated Alexander had married twice. She did not clearly get the name of the first wife correct and nor the name of Alexander' father. She did however get the name of Alexander's mother Janet Campbell correct as well as the name of Alexander's second wife Isabella McColl that you will notice that was mentioned in the early Kilninian Parish baptism records as a wife of an Alexander Livingston also of Ensay as I have indicated. Hope this helps to sort out any concerns you might have about this info linking your Alexander Livingston to Ensay and Treshnish.

Alexander Livingston's first wife Christy McLucash seems to died sometime 1820 and 1825 at Treshnish and during that time Alexander married a second time as indicated in his marriage record to Isabella McColl and beginning in 1825 in Ensay, Mull with the birth of the first child with second wife Isabel McColl. Later in the 1861 Census at Treshnish, Mull you can see your ancestor Alexander Livingston age 70 born Kilninian Parish residing with this second wife Isabella (McColl) and two of their children Archibald age 24 and John? age 22 both born in Kilninian Parish but for which no birth or baptismal record apparently survives.

Alexander Livingston's second wife Isabella McColl died in 1869 at her home in Treshnish, Kilninian Parish, Mull Here is her death record.
Isabella Livingston age 72 yrs at Treshnish, Kilninian Parish, Mull died August 16, 1869 wife of Alexander Livington crofter Her parents were Hugh MCColl and Ann Mckinley Informant: friend John McLucash

Another son of Donald Livingston and Janet Campbell
[b]Duncan Livingstone b. 1797 of Ensay and Isabel McLucash married August 18, 1826 d. July 24, 1864 Treshnish, Kilninian Parish, Mull Informant" son Archibald Livingston


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Re: DonaldLivingston and Janet Campbell Ensay TreshnishMull

Postby pgerossi81 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:01 pm

Dear Donald,

This is my ancestors you are talking about here. David Livingstone is an ancestor of some sort as well which I have yet to work out. He was born in 1813 – his parents were Neil Livingstone (born circa 1788) and Agnes Hunter. My great great grandmother was Agnes Livingstone (born circa 1823-25), who was the daughter of Alexander Livingstone (born circa 1790) and Isabella McColl (born circa 1798). Alexander's parents were Donald Livingstone and Janet Campbell. Neil's parents (David's grandparents) appear to be Neal Levingston and Mary Morrison. Any connection must therefore be earlier when records are not good. We know that, at this time, all the relevant Livingstones lived on Mull or Ulva, so it is almost certain that there is some sort of relationship further back but I couldn't establish it.

Any help would be great?

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Re: DonaldLivingston and Janet Campbell Ensay TreshnishMull

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:23 am

Hi Peter,

Thank-you for sending me the info on your Livingston ancestral line. I shall enjoy reading it over in detail today. Here is an update of the extended family of your ancestor Alexander Livingston 1790-1876 son of Donald Livingston and Janet Campbell. I notice some folks have some other children included, but these are ones I am certain from baptism and census records so far from his two marriages:

Alexander Livingston of Ensay and Christy McLucash of Arin m. March 4, 1817 Kilninian Parish, Mull
1. Mary Livingston of Ensay baptized Feb. 8, 1818
2. Donald Livingston of Ensay baptized Sept 9, 1819
3. Duncan Livingston of Ensay b. Nov. 26, 1820
Alexander Livingston and Isabella McColl married about 1823 (no surviving record) probably in Ensay
1. Ann Livingston of Ensay baptized March 25, 1825 (Was this actually Agnes?)
2. Janet Livingston of Ensay baptized July 11, 1826
3. Agnes Livingston of Ensay born? d. Jan.3 1912 m. Thomas Wighton Dalkeith,Midlothian County Dec. 4, 1851 (See my comments below regarding the challenges of determining an approximate birth date for Agnes Livingston)
3. Hugh Livingston b. abt. 1829? probably at Ensay
4. Isabella Livingston b. abt. 1832 probably at Ensay
5. Archibald Livingston b. abt. 1836 probably at Ensay
6. Julian Livingston b. abt. 1839 probably at Ensay

It is challenge to determine an approximate birth date for your ancestor Agnes Livingston given that in almost every other record of hers you can come up with different approximate birth dates between from 1825 to 1828. Her 1912 death record is excellent proof that she in fact the daughter of Alexander Livington and Isabella McColl. In that document her age at time of death on January 3, 1912 is 86 years. If that is so then given it a short time after the New Year of 1912 she could actually be 86 going on 87 as I suspect which would make her possible birth date as early as the year 1825. The 1901 Census Agnes is 75 which suggests a birth date of about 1826 or perhaps 1825. This Census also is only one to give likely a correct birthplace though the spelling is bad: Enga, Argyll which I take be Ensay, Argyll which is where her brothers and sisters were born. In 1891 Anges is recorded as 64 giving a possible birthdate of about 1827 or if 64 going on 65 1826. 1881 Census Agnes is 53 which would make her birth year as late as 1828 or if 53 going on 54 then 1827. 1871 Census seems a match with 1881 as Agnes is 43 so 1828 or 1827. 1861 Census, Agnes is age 31 which would make her birth about 1830 or 1829 which I quite certain is incorrect so that age information in 1861 is for certain incorrect. These age errors in the Scottish Census records I come across quite frequently when going through Livingston census data for various years. And if birth or baptism records are not available it often is the only information available to determine an approximate birth date if cemetery or death records are not available. Agnes Livingston's missing baptismal record (there was no birth record) in the Kilninian Parish records in Mull presents a challenge to pin point the year she was born and the surviving records in my opinion present you with conflicting information from which to deduce a birth record so I have left Agnes listed with other siblings obvious close in age to her and born or baptized around the same time but I can't really say for certain what year Agnes was actually born with so much conflicting information. The best I can say would be sometime between 1826 and 1828. I can see why you suspected that Ann Livingston might actually be Agnes perhaps a entry mistake by the minister in the baptism record and it should have recorded Agnes. Just don't know. Anyways it is clear from all the records where her age appears in any given year that we have a rough idea of when she was probably born. I know that is not good news, but I believe that reaching hasty conclusions regarding one's ancestor information without proof is just not helpful to your research or later on to another relative later working with your research on their own family research project.

In the 1861 Scottish Census Alexander and Isabella Livingston and two youngest sons Archibald and Julian are residing at neighbouring settlement of Treshnish, Mull. I could not unfortunately find Alexander and Isabel and family in the previous 1841 and 1851 Census records for reasons not known.

For reasons previously mentioned I was not able to find any info connecting your ancestor Donald Livingston or his son Alexander of Ensay, Mull to Dr. Livingstone's Grandfather Neil Livingstone Sr.and his family that lived at Lettermore, Mull. The earliest record that there is linking Neil Livingston Sr. Grandfather of Dr. Livingstone to Mull is his marriage entry of 1774 in the Kilninian Parish Church of Scotland Parish book which indicates he was residing at Lettermore at the time of his marriage to Mary Morrison. They only lived here for a few more years and then the family moved to the Isle of Ulva. There is no documented information as to where Neil Livingston Sr. and his ancestors lived before 1774, but I assume it was likely somewhere on Mull. As mentioned I think DNA testing a Livingston cousin descended from Donald Livingston and Janet Campbell with our Y Chromosome Livingston DNA project with familytreedna would give you the best chance of firmly establishing which family group of Highland Western Argyllshire Livingstons your Livingston family actually descends from and whether the family of ancestor Donald Livingston of Ensay, Mull was related in some way to Dr. Livingstone's Grandfather's family group who seem to be connected to Mull in the 1770's and possibly before that.

I am also hoping that one of your Livingston cousins or a more distant Livingston relative connected to family line of Donald Livingston and Janet Campbell of Ensay Mull will see these posts on their Livingstons and post some info and responses in the future. This was my original motivation for reposting this info on your ancestor Donald Livingston and Janet Campbell a few months back. Ultimately, it would be great if we heard from more Livingston of Mull Livingston ancestry. They are out there somewhere.


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