Angus Livingston and Ann (Nancy) Cameron Ardnamurchan

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Angus Livingston and Ann (Nancy) Cameron Ardnamurchan

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:48 pm

Hi All,

This is from earlier postings of mine regarding the family of Angus Livingston Sr. Shepherd and his wife Ann (Nancy) Cameron who at one time in the early 1800's resided in Glenmore, Ardnamurchan.

1841 Scottish Census Glenmore, Ardnamurchan, Argyllshire
Glenmore Livingstons
1.Angus Livingston age 70 agricultural labourer (Father of Hugh Livingston Sr. husband of Catharine McDiarmid who were married Oct. 1842 Residence listed: Glenmore)
Ann Livingston age 60 (Ann Cameron)
Janet Livingston age 15

2.Maysay Livingston age 30
Mary Livingston age 25
Donald Livingson age 1
1842 Marriage Glenmore
Ewen (Hugh) Livingston Sr. and Catharine McDiarmid of Glenmore married October 1842 in Ardnamurchan Parish, Argyll
(Angus Livingston his father died sometime between the years 1841 and 1851 presumingly in Glenmore)

Children of Hugh (Ewen) Livingston and Catharine "Kate" McDiarmid
1.Angus Livingston of Glenmore, Ardnamurchan baptized Dec. 22, 1844
2.Anne Livingston of Glenmore, Ardnamurchan baptized Oct. 15, 1846
3.Marianne Livingston of Glenmore, Ardnamurchan baptized June 3, 1849
4.Margaret Livingston of Acharacle Parish, Argyll baptized May 19, 1851
5.Hugh Livingston of Swordley Chorrack, Ardnamurchan Pariah b. abt. 1854.

1851 Scottish Census Glenmore, Ardnamurchan, Argyll
Hugh Livingston age 34 Shepherd (son of Angus Livingston and Ann Cameron no birth or baptism record)
Catharine Livingston age 32 (Catharine McDiarmid)
Angus Livingston age 6
Anne Livingston

Archibald Livingston age 25 tenant on 4 acres (son of Angus Livingston and Ann Cameron)
Mary Livingston age 25
Ann Livingston age 1
Ann Cameron widow (mother) age 69

1861 Scottish Census Acharacle Parish, Argyll
Hugh Livingston age 40 born Ardnamurchan Parish Farmer of two acres
Catharine Livingston age 39 b. Morvern parish
Mary ann Livingston age 11 Ardnamurchan parish (married Peter Graham Dist.of Kelvin, Glasgow June 21,1882)
Ervan Livingston age 6 Ardnamurchan Parish (Actually Ewen (Hugh) Livingston Jr.) who later settled in Australia in 1879

1891 Census Port of Monteith, Perthshire
Hugh Livingston age 75
Catharine McDiarmid Livingston age
Maryann L. Graham daughter (Mrs Peter Graham)

I found this interesting. Alexander Livingston age given 30, born abt. 1819? occupation Shepherd a native of Argyllshire son of Angus and Nancy Livingston according to details included on the list, arrived in Australia aboard the vessel Maria Somes on July 19, 1849 apparently on his own. What is odd is that there is another passenger list that is dated July 6, 1852 and it appears the same Alexander Livingston listed again at age of about 30 and from that it was deduced that this Alexander Livingston was born abt. 1822 and travelling aboard the the same vessel Maria Somes. Additional info I found indicates that he actually married in 1849 in Dumbarton, Scotland to an Isabella McLachlan and they both died in Australia. I did not however find her listed on the 1849 passenger list and the 1852 list records him as being single. Some Passenger lists include Argyllshire Livingstons in the mid 1800's and later that arrived in North America and Australia, but many unfortunately many have not survived or have not been located. Recently though there were a couple of passenger lists found for Argyllshire Livingstons that settled in North America including an Appin, Argyll Livingston family that I had been researching that proved to be helpful.

Alexander Livingston appears to be the Alexander Livingston of Glenmore, Ardnamurchan son of Angus Livingston shepherd and his Ann (Nancy) Cameron actually baptized Feb. 20, 1815. Another list that a descendant of Alexander's brother Hugh had a list that referred to Hugh as being born in 1819. In any event I am certain this Alexander is an Uncle of Hugh Livingston Jr. who settled in Australia in 1879 who was a grandson of Angus Livingston and Ann (Nancy) Cameron of Glenmore, Ardnamurchan. The age 30 is likely just an approximate age recorded at the time of passage and off by a few years. This family of Angus Livingston and Ann (Nancy) Cameron has a known Australian family connection because their son Hugh had a son Hugh who settled in Australia in 1879. Hugh's descendant has been in contact with the forum and shared his family history with us in the past and roots and family history connecting him to Ardnamurchan, Argyll and Australia. This Alexander Livington who settled in Australia in 1849 is probably a relative of his ancestor who came to Australia years later and who also kin to Angus Livingston and Ann (Nancy) Cameron. The other interesting thing is that Alexander's younger brother Hugh Livingston was also a shepherd by occupation and lived at Glenmore, Ardnamurchan. It was Hugh' s son Hugh born abt. 1854 if I understand correctly that went to Australia in 1879. Alexander is not living at home at Glenmore, Ardnamurchan in the 1841 Census before he left for Australia in 1849.

One other clue that I have that this is Alexander is the son of Angus Livingston of Glenmore, Ardnamurchan Argyll and Ann (Nancy) Cameron is that it states in the 1849 Passenger list info for Alexander Livingston that in regards to his parents only his mother is living in Argyll which would have been the case because he father was an elderly man when the 1841 Census recorded him and by 1851 Census only the mother Ann is living according to that census.

Other Livingstons possibly connected to the Glenmore Ardnamurchan Livingstons John Livignst
There may be a connection with a John Livingston that also lived apparently in Glenmore, Ardnamurchan parish in the early 1800's and Hugh Livingston Senior's father Angus Livingston who from the Parish records was also living at Glenmore, Ardnamurchan Parish.
I thought I would work with some of info that is available on the Livingstons at Glenmore in the early 1800's
No Records before 1806
[b]Ardnamurchan Parish Glenmore
Duncan Livingstone son of John Livingstone and Katharine MacIntyre of Glenmore born December 6, 1806 [/b]
In the 1841 Scottish Census Duncan Livingston is a shepherd residing with his family at Ormsaigmore, Ardnamurchan
Duncan Livingston and Mary McMillan Orsaigmore, Ardnamurchan
1. Allan b. abt. 1829
2. Archibald b. Nov. 9, 1829
3. Margaret/Peggy b. April 12, 1832
4. Mary b. May 19, 1834
5. Margery b. April 11, 1836
6. Anne abt. 1837 ?
7. Catharine b. Feb. 9, 1839
8. Mary b. Dec. 19, 1841
9. Anne b. May 14, 1845?

District of Kilmore and Kilbride, Argyll Deaths Pg. 19
Duncan Livingstone retired farmer and widower of Mary McMillan
June 27, 1893 14 Airds Cres. Oban
Parents: John Livingstone farmer deceased and Catharine McIntyre
Informant: daughter Mary Livingston
I can't read the age at time of death. Looks like 75. I would think it should be 85. Anyways definitely the right guy. Perhaps that age is what has thrown some people off. You can see in the 1891 Census that Duncan Livingston age 83 is living with his above mentioned daughter Mary at 14 Airds Cres. (Oban) some of his grandchildren. It also states his birthplace as Ardnamurchan. I do think the age info in the previous census records is also confusing as in the 1881 Census his age given is 70 and in 1861 Census Duncan's age is 51 so a lot of people may be thinking that Duncan was born abt. 1810 or 1811 in Ardnamurchan Parish when it maybe as early as 1808.

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