Malcolm Livingstone of Antigonish County, Nova Scotia

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Malcolm Livingstone of Antigonish County, Nova Scotia

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:19 pm

Hi all,
Malcolm Livingston of Garvan, Kilmallie Parish, Ardgour Lochaber District, Argyll, Scotland is of particular interest to me as he was the first known Argyllshire Livingston to settle in Nova Scotia in the last decade of the 18th century.
Malcolm Livingstone Jr. of Garvan, Kilmalie Parish, Ardgour Lochaber District, Argyll with his wife and 9 children arrived in Sept. of 1791 originally in Pictou County, Nova Scotia according to his 1792 Nova Scotia Land petition with a group settlers brought over by Simon Frazer. Years later his son Duncan's 1880 obituary indicates his was born at sea on the ship "The Ann or Anne" but I could find no record of a ship of that name that arrived in 1791 or 1790 in Nova Scotia or neighbouring PEI or a passenger list with Malcolm Livingston listed. I assume then that a record of the ship and their arrival has not survived. Malcolm Livington Jr. was one of the earliest known highland Argyllshire Livingstons to settle in Nova Scotia. Upon the Livingston family's arrival Malcolm purchased land at Merigomish in Pictou County and subsequently in 1792 petitioned the Lieut. Governor John Wentworth of Nova Scotia for a grant of additional land. The 1794 Poll Tax record refers to Malcolm Livington Jr. as Malcolm Livingston Sr as he also has a son named Malcolm born abt. 1790. According to this 1794 Poll Tax list Malcolm is located at Little Bank which is in the Merogomish area of Pictou County.

He was according to Malcolm Livingston's 1792 Nova Scotia land petition one of the Scottish colonists brought over in the year 1791 by Simon Fraser who was infact a son of one Lieutenant John Fraser of the 82nd British Regiment Historian Colin MacDonald in 1932 suggested to the Nova Scotia Historical Society that two ships, one probably the "Dunkeld" in the Summer of 1791 brought a large number of highland settlers from the Hebrides to Pictou, Nova Scotia with many of them ending up in neighbouring ANtigonish County. Perhaps significantly No other ships are mentioned for Pictou area settlers for the year 1791. It seem probable that Malcolm Livingston and his family was one of these 1791 arrivals. Malcolm however may have settled however on John Fraser's land in the Merigomish area around this time or one his fellow soldiers who received land in the 1780's. This John Fraser in the year 1785 received 700 acres at Merigomish in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. The 82nd Regiment participated in the Revolutionary War in America and also ended up in Halifax, Nova Scotia where they were disbanded in 1783. Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and inlisted men received land grants in Pictou County and there grants became referred to in Nova Scotia as the 82nd Grants. Scattered settlements sprung up as scottish settlers ended up on original land grants of the 82nd regiment. There is no information to suggest that Malcolm Livingstone served with the 82nd and from what I can tell he was one probably as stated one of highland settlers encouraged to settle in Nova Scotia after the 82nd regiment had received their grants and began clearing the land for settlement.

[b]Malcolm Livingstone Jr. b in 1750's and his wife Katharine McPhee came to Pictou, Nova Scotia in 1791 with 9
Malcolm Livingstone received a land grant in 1810 in the Cape George, Antgonish County area with son John and Allan? Malcolm is thought to have died in 1814.

b]Known Children of Malcolm Livingston and wife Catharine McPhee (A work in progress)

1. John Livingston b. abt. 1777 died April 16,1821 (Grantee Cape George South Side 1818)

2. Catharine Livingston b. March 1, 1778

3. Angus Livingston b. April 30,1780 in Garvan, Kilmallie Parish, Lochaber, Argyll. (Grantee Cape George South Side 1814)

4. Dougald Livingston b. Feb.18,1786 at Garvan,Kilmallie parish Ardgour, Arygyll d.? m. Margaret b.abt.1796 d. June 13, 1875 (Cape George ( Dougald Livington Grantee Cape George South Side 1809 from John Campbell)

5. Donald Livingston b. abt. 1786? d. May 27, 1850 Cape George, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia (I am wondering if Dougald and Donald are the same person?)

6. Janet Livingston b. Sept 1 1788 Garvan,Kilmallie Parish, Ardgour, Argyll d. 1885 m. John Campbell

7. Allan Livingston b.abt. 1790 in Lochaber, Argyll, Scotland d. August 20, 1854 Cape George, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia (Grantee land at Meromish, Pictou County 1809, Grantee land Cape George South Side 1814) 1809 land correctly records states Allan Livingston arrived 18 years earlier. According to his gravestone located in St. David's United Church Cemetery, Cape George, Allan Livingston was a native of Lochaber, Scotland who died Aug. 20, 1854 age 73 years. His wife Margaret died June 13, 1874 age 79 years.

8. Duncan Livingston born 1791 at sea on the "Ann" on the way to Pictou County, Nova Scotia
(Grantee: Cape George South Side 1814) d. Dec. 8 1880 Livingstone's Cove Cape George, Antgonish County, N.S.

9. Malcolm Livingston b.1790? d. 1830?

10. Colin Livingston b.? d? (Grantee Cape George South Side 1814)

11. Christine Livingston 1796-1896? unmarried resident of Cape George, Antigonish County, 1871 Census

Family of Malcolm Livingstone who was b.1750's ? in Argyllshire Scotland died abt. 1814 Cape George,Antigonish Cty. N.S. (Interestingly referred to as Malcolm Livingston Jr father of 9 from Highland Scotland Lochaber. arrived 1791 Pictou, NS.
Widow Mary Livingstone ? grantee Cape George South side 1814 No idea who she was??
John Livingstone 1777- April 16,1821 grantee Cape George South Side 1814
Angus Livingstone grantee Cape George South Side 1814
Allan Livingstone 1778- Aug.1,1863 grantee Cape George South Side 1814 (In 1809 received land at Merogomish,Pictou County)(Allan states in 1809 record that he arrived in Nova Scotia 18 years earlier (1791)
Colin Livingstone grantee Cape George South Side 1814
[b]Duncan Livingstone b. 1791 aboard immigrant ship Ann d. Dec. 8, 1880 grantee Cape George South Side 1814[/b]
Janet Livingstone (1788-1885?) married John Campbell (1785-1849) a Cape George area landowner and son of Col. John Campbell who served in the British Army during the American Revolution. By the 1827 Antigonish County Census in Arisaig Township only the sons Allan and Duncan Livingston remain. John died in 1821. Not clear what happened to Angus and Colin.
Dougald Livingstone receives land grant from John Campbell in 1809 at Cape George, Antigonish County

Regarding your latest posting with includes this:
[b]Morning Chronicle (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Monday, 20 December 1880, p. 3, col. 3:

[b]Deaths - At Livingstone's Cove, Cape George, Antigonish County, on the 8th inst., in the 90th year of his age, Duncan LIVINGSTONE. Deceased was born in the year 1791 on board the emigrant ship Ann, off the coast of Ireland, on a voyage from Scotland to America.

1871 Census Cape George, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
Last of the family of Malcolm Livingston Jr. and Catharine McPhee at Cape George

Christine Livingston age 89 b. Scotland 1789 daughter of Malcolm Livingston Jr. and Catharine McPhee

Duncan Livingston age 80 b. at sea 1791 son of Malcolm Livingston Jr. and Catharine McPhee

Margaret Livingston age 75 b. Scotland 1796 widow


Canadian Livingstone
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Re: Malcolm Livingstone of Antigonish County, Nova Scotia

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:38 am

Hi All,

I have noticed some different approaches to understanding Pictou and later ANtigonish County settler Malcolm Livingston Jr. and I think the differing and conflicting information resulting is a consequence of the lack of detailed info regarding his parents. The first thing to note is there is a 1792 Nova Scotia Land Petition of Malcolm Livingston Jr. indicating that he arrived the previous September I assume he means in Sept of 1791 with his 9 children. There is no information here of his age so one is left to speculate however since his eldest known child a son John was born in 1778 and by 1791 he is known to have had 9 children then I think rules out the notion that Malcolm Livingston Jr. of Kilmalllie Parish, Ardgour, Arygll married to Katharine McPhee according to his children's parish records before they came to Nova Scotia, could not have been born in the 1770's and must since the eldest known child of Malcolm and Kate was born in the 1770's it would seem almost certain he was born in the 1750's (See above mentioned list of known family of Malcolm Jr. and Katharinea work in progress.) I therefore would have rule out any notion that Malcolm Livington Jr. who was married to Katharine McPhee and who with their 9 children arrived in Sept. 1791 or 1792? was born in 1773. Just to confuse family researchers further the Poll Tax record of 1794 which refers to Malcolm as being as Malcolm Livingston Sr. I know realize is clearly referring to the Malcolm Livingston Jr. with the 9 children. One of his sons was also named Malcolm making Malcolm Livingston Jr. who arrived in 1791 or 1792 in Pictou County, Nova Scotia also a Malcolm Livingston Sr.
There is some speculation as to whom Malcolm Livingstone Junior's father was. Safe to assume his name was also Malcolm Livingston but I would not be quick to assume that Malcolm Livington Juniors parents were Malcolm Livingston and Kate McArthur as some have because I do not think there is any proof to support that. Malcolm Livingston and Kate McArthur according to the Lismore Parish records had a son Malcolm baptized in the year 1769 so assuming he was born around 1769 this Malcolm Livingston it should be noted would have been about 8 when the eldest child of Malcolm Livingston and Katharine McPhee was born in 1777 and around the year they were thought to have married. So I think we have to rule out Malcolm Livingston and Kate McArthur of Lismore Parish Argyll as being the parents of the Malcolm Livingston Jr. who was married to Katharine McPhee. While the parish records of neighbouring Morvern Parish are missing before the year 1803 we do know from the 1779 Argyll Census that there was a Malcolm Livingston a tenant probably born likely sometime before 1750 residing in at Savary, Morvern who might have been the father of Malcolm Livingston Jr. but of regrettably no birth or baptism records survive for Morvern Parish before 1803 to help verify any family connection. The Lismore Parish, Argyll Malcolm Livingston son of Malcolm Livingston and Kate McArthur in closing is just too young to have been the Malcolm Livingston Jr. married to Katharine McPhee that was the father of their eldest son John born in 1777 in Ardgour Parish,Lochaber, Argyll.

Interestingly this Malcolm Livingston of Savary, Morvern who apparently lived in close proximity in 1779 and probably before that near to other Savary Morvern Livingstone residents Donald Livingstone 1728-1816 of Battle of Culloden fame and Donald's brother Ewen or Hugh Livingstone. Since there are no baptism or birth records for this mysterious Malcolm Livingston of late 18th century Savary, Morvern I have no idea who his children were and what became of him or his children after the 1779 Census was taken. Apart from the 1779 Argyll Census no information on him exists and therefore no way of knowing for certain from the Argyll records if this could possibly the long lost father of the Malcolm Livingston Jr. who according to 1792 petition arrived in Pictou County, Nova Scotia in 1791.

There was also in the 1770's and probably earlier a Malcolm Livingstone who lived at Savary, Morvern which not too far from Ardgour and Lochaber District, Argyll around where Malcolm Livingston Jr. and his wife Katharine McPhee lived before with their family settling in Nova Scotia.

Not all of the parish records regarding the 9 children of Malcolm Livingstone Jr. and his wife Katharine McPhee survive, but enough of them do to confirm that Malcolm Jr. and his wife Katharine McPhee resided at a place called Garvan, in Ardgour Parish, Argyllshire in the 1780's in the years before they left Highland Argyllshire for Pictou County, Nova Scotia the known Argyllshire Livingston known to to have done so in 1791.


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