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Australian Livingstones

Postby jmlivingstone » Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:38 pm

I believe the below was originally posted by Daryl Povey,


1. Anthony Henry SMITH, born 1896, Mount Gambier, South Australia, son of John Henry 'Harry' SMITH & Christine LIVINGSTONE. He enlisted in the AIF on 24 Aug 1915 from Mount Gambier where he was listed as a Blacksmith. He embarked on the "Geelong" from Adelaide on 18 Nov 1915 and served as Pte 1606, 9th Light Horse Regiment, AIF and Shoeing Smith with the 3rd Machine Gun Squadron, AIF, in Palestine. He returned to Australia in 1919 and married Alice Marion ATTIWILL in 1925 and moved to Melbourne, Victoria.
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2. Walter George SMITH, born 1892 Dartmoor, Victoria, son of John Henry 'Harry' SMITH & Christine LIVINGSTONE. Walter enlisted in the AIF on 29 Sep 1916 from Strathdownie. He married Elsie Margaret McCALLUM 1895-1964, daughter of Duncan McCALLUM and Doris PAHL in October 1916 at Mt Gambier, South Australia. He embarked on the "Clan McCorquodale" from Adelaide on 5 Feb 1917. He served as Pte 3131, 9th Light Horse Regiment, AIF, drowned at Gaza, Palestine, 14 June 1917 when on leave and attempting to save the lives of some French soldiers.
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Re: Australian Livingstones

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:55 am

Hi John,

Haven't heard from Daryll for quite sometime. He mentioned way back when he first contacted us that he was descended from a daughter of Adam Livingstone, a one time miller of Savary Morvern and son of Donald Livingstone 1728-1816 of Battle of Culloden fame. I could not find a birth or baptism record for that particular daughter but I found her detailed death record and I think a marriage record I think it was in the Australian records and sure enough it verified that his Livingston ancestor was the daughter Adam Livingston and his second wife. It was Adam's daughter who went to Australia in the 1850's I think it was that married a Povey
Back when Daryll first contacted us, I did not have access to these Australian records and requested a copy of the original Australian death record and think the marriage record as well and there it was Donald' son Adam Livingston for sure was the father. Good that the parents were listed in the Australian records because this daughter that years later does not have a surviving Morvern Parish birth record for her birth sometime in the 1820's. She had another sister close in age that is often mistaken with her because of that but she lived in Morvern. I have been in touch a year or so ago with a descendant of Adam's son Robert who still resides in Scotland in Renfrewshire and confirmed with me that his Aunt had also researched their Livingston and also concluded that they were descended Robert Livingstone a son of Adam who was son of the Donald Livingstone of Savary, Morvern. While this is the closest I have got to communicating with living descendants of the famous Donald Livingstone of Savary, I have even better luck with finding a two direct descendants of Donald Livingstone's brother Ewen (Hugh) Livingstone of Savary, Morvern. Two family branches descended from old Ewen Livingstone of Savary ended up settling in the State of Ohio in the 1840's and the year 1850 and while one of these family lines died out in Ohio as they had only one son, the other family branch survived and grew over the years in Ohio and the forum was contacted a few years by a lady who was a direct descendant of a Hugh Livingstone born in the early 1800's who was descendant of Ewen of Savary and she helped me to make contact with another direct descendant of this Ewen Livingston brother of Donald Livingston of Savary and he participated in our DNA project which helped to confirm that those with Morvern Livingston origins in the Parker Livingston group are likely descended from a branch of Donald and EWen's father John Levingston's family. John Livingston 1700-1757 is the Livingston father of Donald and Ewen of Savary buried in the 18th century Table tomb at Keil Cemetery in Morvern with his wife Anna McInnes. Thus as of 2106 we have I think discovered that the Savary, MOrvern Livingstons as other Livingstons residing along the west coast of Morvern were likely of the Parker Livingstone Group as is your Mull Livingston family and others from Mull we know now. Another 10 years from now I wonder how much ahead we will be in terms of this. We have come very far so far, it you look back to 2005 and know much our Mull/Morvern Livingston kin that we did not then don't you think?




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