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John Livingston and Margaret McLeod Lot 64 Queens CountyPEI

PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:12 pm
by Canadian Livingstone
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John Livingston b. 1793 in Colonsay, Argyll and his wife Margaret McLeod b. 1815 in Isle of Skye in the 1800's lived in Lot 64, Queens, County, PEI apparently on a farm along the High Bank Rd. near the village of High Bank near the St. Lawrence River.

John Livingstone and Margaret Ann Macleod of High Bank, Lot 64 Kings County, PEI
Scots from the Isle of Colonsay in Argyllshire, Scotland had been settling in Prince Edward Island as far back as the years 1806 when the first Colonsay settlers arrived. Subsequent passenger vessels in later years brought with them others from Colonsay and neighbouring Mull.
Not known when John Livingstone b. 1793 in Colonsay, Arygll came to Prince Edward Island from Scotland. One family source stated that John Livingston was a teacher and lived at Melville, Lot 60, Queens County, PEI west of Murray River, before settling in the HIgh Bank area. Contrary to other info John Livingstone died in 1864 and was outlived by his wife Margaret McLeod by many years. Note that you can find her in the 1881 Canadian Census, in the years folowing the death of her husband John, where Margaret is a widower presumingly living in the HIghbank vicinity of LOt 64 QUeens COunty, PEI with her eldest son Duncan and his brother Donald Livingston.

John Livingstone b. 1793 Isle of Colonsay d. Jan. 1, 1864 High Bank, Lot 64 Kings County, PEI Parents according to one family source: Duncan Livingston and Flora Shaw but impossible to verify due to missing Church of Scotland Colonsay Parish records from the period of John Livingstone's birth in Colonsay, Argyll
John Livingstone of Colonsay married
Margaret Ann Macleod b. Isle of Skye 1815 d. April 29, 1903 High Bank, Kings County, Lot 64, Nova Scotia Parents: Donald McLeod and Mary Martin
Buried in Belle River Pioneer Cemetery, Lot 62 PEI. (why were John and then Margaret buried at Belle River? in lot 62 rather than a cemetery in Lot 64?)
Known Children:
1. Duncan Livingston b. abt. 1840 b. Melville, Lot 60, PEI d. June 12,1887 High Bank Lot 64 Queens County, PEI m. Ann Mclean d. March 8, 1931, Prince Edward Island
2. Flora Margaret Livingston b. abt. 1840 Melville, Lot 60, PEI d. Feb. 25, 1880 High Bank Lot 64, Queens County, PEI
3. Angus Livingston b. 1846 Melville, Lot 60, PEI d. Nov. 25, 1866 High Bank, Lot 64 Queens County, PEI
4. John Livingston b. 1851 in Melville, Lot 60, Prince Edward Island
5. Donald Livingston b. Aug. 2, 1853 d. May 12,1917 High Bank, Lot 64 Queens County, PEI m. Mary Munn b. Feb. 2, 1865 d. July 12, 1899 Both Buried White Sands Cemetery.

Duncan and brother Donald each received a deed of land for a piece of land beside each other along the old High Bank Road but as yet I don't know the year they purchased this land or where precisely they and their parents lived in HIgh Bank area before they received this land. It may be that Duncan and Donald's parents rented land in the years prior. A study of the deeds and other land info pertaining to this Livingston family needs to be done a the PEI archives to more fully understand when this Livingston family first settled and arrived in the High Bank area of Lot 64, Queens County, PEI. The sons Duncan the eldest and his brother Donald we know purchased two lots along High Bank Rd. beside a Stewart and Shaw family. Nearby are other families named Stewart and some Mcleods along High Bank Rd. I see no record on the land map for Lot 64 of their father John Livingston acquiring land by purchased in High Bank but my hunch is settled his family in that area some years prior to his son's Duncan and Donald purchasing two lot. Unless of course the an original deed was in his name and later transferred to one or both of the sons. No evidence so far of that looking at the Livingston lots and who the deed made out to along High Bank Rd. Not sure that any of descendants of John Livingston and Margaret McLeod know precisely when the family arrived in High Bank and although the eldest son Duncan was born abt. 1840 in PEI not sure that we know for certain it was when the family had arrived in West Bank or not. It may have been while they were living in Melville, PEI.

An old land map of Lot 64, Queens County shows "Duncan" Livingston, the "Widow Livingston" and "Dougald" or Donald Livingston acquired land along High Bank Rd and their lots extended across the Road and included St Lawrence River frontage. If I read the old map correctly Duncan Livingston was had 40 acres, Widow Livingston 72 acres and that was all part of a land purchase I assume Deed no. A7/178 located now at the PEI archives. Dougald (0r Donald) Livingston received 52 acres and that is deed A7/179. So interestingly it looks like the Deed transactions then happened around the same time as a group with the same family, I guess. An earlier land maps shows John D Livingstone with 42 acres beside Mrs Margaret Livington his widowed mother on 52 acres. running north and south from right side of this 52 acre lot which intersects High Bank rd which runs east and West is Livingstone Rd which is named after this Livingstone family.



Re: John Livingston and Margaret McLeod Lot 64 Queens County

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:38 pm
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi All,

John Livingston and Mary McLeods gravestone In the Belle River Pioneer Cemetery in Prince Edward Island, Canada indicating that John was born at the Isle of Colonsay, Argll and his wife Mary at the Isle of Skye. Always helpful for family researchers when a pioneer Livingston settler has some information on their gravestone which indicates their precise origins in Scotland. ... ivingstone