Solomon Livingston, born abt 1819 in Argyleshire - 3 wives!

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Re: Solomon Livingston, born abt 1819 in Argyleshire - 3 wiv

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:08 pm

Hi Laura,

Thank-you for visiting the Forum and sharing with us the story of your Livingston ancestors. In terms of Western Argyllshire Livingstons I have done some extensive genealogy research over the years encompassing Maclea/Livingston familes that resided in the 1700's and 1800's and likely long before that in a number of Western Argyllshire parishes. That being said without input from other frequent forum regulars like John over the years and from visitors like sharing Livingston ancestral information, I would not have made the progress towards a better understanding of the origins of the Western Argyll Livingstons. The Y Chromosome tests with Familytreedna were also helpful particularly regarding identifying the Western Argyll Livingstons, although many of these Livingstons that were tested also had in a number of cases had some Scottish parish record info or detailed genealogy info clearly linking their families to 18th or 19th Western Argyllshire.

Regarding the Y Chromosome test with familytreedna with Livingstons the only downside to it is that it requires a male because they have the Y Chromosome and the male tested has to be a "Livingstone" which is of course why I had to contact a Livingston cousin researcher in the States who kindly got her Livingston father to do the test. So in the case of the your Livingston test, you would probably need to find a Livingston cousin as I did. In many cases that is quite difficult and it was only that I found one Livingston cousin who was doing family research more than 10 years ago now and the fact that she saw the merit in this DNA test that the testing a Livingston cousin of mine happened at all. I can't thank my Livingstons cousins enough for that and without them I would likely never had found another Livingston relative to do this test and never know how my Livingston ancestors connect with other Livingstons from a specific Western Argyll LIvingsgton family group.

I don't think it is fully realized just how much progress has been made in terms of Western Argyll Livingston research via the Y Chromosome test with Familytreedna. Recently I have tried to get the message out regarding the progress being made with one Western Argyll test group in particular now having about 25 Livingston matches which was surprising even to me. Of this 25, a significant number of them have Mull or neighbouring Morvern origin and other nearby Parishes in Western Argyllshire also three of 18th century Perthshire origin but as Perthshire is the neighbouring County next to Argyllshire is almost certain that the Livingston ancestors of these three Livingstons likely originated in Argyllshire and sometime after 1750 likely settled in neighbouring Perthshire. I am pretty confident that all 25 Livingstons in that DNA match group of ancestrally connected one way or another to Maclea/Livingstons of Western Argyllshire. If 25 Livingstons matching in one Y DNA match group does not indicate a shared ancestral connection and is not of great significance to Clan history then I would be very surprised.


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