Solomon Livingston son of Donald Livingston/ Agnes Stevenson

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Solomon Livingston son of Donald Livingston/ Agnes Stevenson

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Mon May 28, 2018 6:49 pm

Hi All,

Solomon Livington son of Donald Livingston and Agnes Stevenson b. in Kilchattan Parish Isle of Luing in 1820's and resided as a boy likely at Collipool, Isle of Luing where there was a slate quarry. Only Solomon's 1886 Glasgow death record mentions the name of his parents as Donald Livingston and Agnes Stevenson unfortunately and as his father Donald Livingston died before 1841 apparently, he is not listed in that early Scottish census. Kilchattan Parish records however indicate there were indeed both slate quarry familes at Collipool with name Livingston and Stevenson, so there is no doubt that Livingstons and Stevensons were at Collipool when Solomon was a boy.

I did however find a not well known 1834 list of Livington Householders at Collipool one of which a Donald Livingston who is most significantly I think not included in the subsequent 1841 Census presumably because he is deceased by that point to time which I believe is likely Solomon's father Donald. The other Donald Livingston of Ardnalach on the Ilse of LUing is listed in the 1834 Census an appears in the subsequent 1841 Census at Ardnalach with his wife and that is not Solomon's father or mother. So deductive logic convinces me of the possibility that the Donald Livingstone who only appears in 1834 and not after that at Collipool is Solomon's father Donald Livingston.

The 1841 Scottish Census indicates that young Solomon age 20 and his new bride his first wife Margaret McNichol who he married in 1840 in Glasgow is recorded only a Mrs Livingston age 20 is living at Glasgow St. Peter district with a Mrs. Livington age 60 whom it is probably safe to assume is Agnes Stevenson the now widow Mrs Donald Livingston.

Margaret McNichol and Solomon have a child Solomon Jr. and sometime after that his first wife Margaret McNicol dies and by 1845 he has briefly returned to his Isle of Luing were in Kilchattan Parish he married his second wife Catharine McLachlan. They then return to Glasgow Barony Parish and have more children and where Solomon establishes himself as a Tailor and Clothier. The 1851 Census at Glasgow Barony Parish indicates that Solomon tailor and clothier is age 30 and his wife Mrs Livington is age 31 and living with them is son Solomon age 7 from his first marriage and Solomon and Catharine's children Agnes age 3 named after his mother and Margaret age 3 months.

Catharine McLachlan, Solomon's second wife dies sometime between the years 1851 and 1854 and in 1854 Solomon weds his third wife Euphemia Murray. (Solomon's 1886 death records confirms that he was married to Catharine McLachlan and then Euphemia Murray) The 1861 Census indicates that Solomon Livingston is a spirit dealer age 36? born in the Isle of Luing, and is married to Euphemia Murray age 26 of Paisley Renfrewshire. Living with them in 1861 is Solomon's daughter with his second wife, Angnes age 13 and two children with the third wife Euphemia Murray who were Elizabeth age 5 and Donald age 3. Donald Livington is Laura's ancestor and he was named after Solomon's father Donald. The family in 1861 is living at Glasgow Gorbals in the Hutcheson District. In 1881 Solomon Livingston Tailor is age 62 born in Kilbrandon (and Kilchattan, Argyll) and residing with wife Euphemia age 45 b. Barrhead, Renfrewshire.
Canadian Livingstone
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Re: Solomon Livingston son of Donald Livingston/ Agnes Steve

Postby LHughes33 » Wed May 30, 2018 5:12 pm

A fantastic summary - thank you.

I always thought it odd that Solomon was listed as a Spirit Dealer in one of the records, when he was a Tailor by trade. However, my Livingston cousin Bob Brown has recently emailed me some information about Solomon having been made bankrupt twice. I've still to properly read through and process all the information he's sent me, but it does explain why he's not recorded as a Tailor in 1861.
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