Duncan Livingston Drimnatain, Kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull

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Duncan Livingston Drimnatain, Kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull

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Hi All,
Recently and some years ago I was in contact with a Livingston whose paternal Livingston descendant was Donald Livingston a son Neil Livingston and Mary Maclaine or Mclean. Neil Livingston was born and lived from many years at Drimnatain in Kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull the son of Duncan Livingston and his first wife Catharine McDougall of Drimnatain, Kinlochspelvie Parish,Mull. Most of the Mull Livingstons who have visited the forum over the years were descended from Livingstons from Kilninian Parish or Ross of Mull in the south so this would be the only Livingston with a Livingston ancestral connection rooted apparently to 18th century Kinlochspelvie Parish Livingstons to have contacted me. I begun updating my earlier research I did for this Livingston gentleman recently correcting a few earlier errors in the process.

While my own Livingston ancestor was a native of neighbouring Morvern Parish, Argyllshire there is strong evidence to support the notion that 18th and 19th century Morvern Parish Maclea Livingstones and many of the Maclea Livingstones that resided in parishes in neighbouring Mull quite likely shared a common Argyllshire Maclea Livingstone ancestor in centuries past.

List of Children of Duncan Livingston b abt. 1760 d. bet. 1841-1851 Drimnatain, KIlochspelvie Parish, Mull
with (1) Catharine McDougall
1. Angus b. 13/03/1794 m. Marion McPhaden
2. Neil b.05/12/1795 m. Marion McLaine (McLean) 1821
3. Mary b. 17/03/1798 m. Murdock Black 1822

with (2] "Nellie" Helen McDougall
4. John Livingston b. 18/01/1803
5. Alexander Livingston b.13/05/1804

1841 Scottish Census
Drimnatain, Kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull
Neil Livingston tenant age 45 householder
Mary Livingston age 40
Janet Livingston age 15
Duncan Livingston age 14
Donald Livingston age 12
Alexander Livingston age 9
Robert Livingston age 5
Mary Livingston age 2
Dun. (Duncan) Livingston age 80 agricultural labourer (b. abt. 1760 d. bet. 1841 and 1851 at Drimnatain.
Helen Livingston age 75 (Quite likely Helen Livingston was also known by the nickname "Nellie" and from Duncan's children's birth records, Helen is almost certainly Nellie McDougall who appears to have been his second wife whom he probably married after the death of his young wife Catharine McDougall probably around 1801 or 1802 possibly. Unfortunately marriage records for the Livingstons of Kinlochspelvie Parish for the late 1700's these early years of the 1800's survive.)

It appears that living with Neil Livingston is his elderly father Duncan Livingston born abt. 1760 d. bet. 1841 and 1851 at Drimnatain, Kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull.
Catharine McDougall was Duncan Livingston's first wife and it appears that Helen Livingston recorded at this residence with old Duncan in the 1841 Scottish Census information included above is likely a second wife. From the birth records included above that it would seem that Neil Livingston's parents were Duncan Livingston and Catharine McDougall of Drimnatain and that Catharine McDougall passed perhaps by the late 1700's and Neil father Duncan Livingston then married a second wife Nellie Livingston a few years later and they had at least two children. It it important to note Duncan Livingston's wife is recorded in the above 1841 Census as Helen Livingston but doing a bit of research I discovered that "Nellie" was a common nickname for Helen. So I think it very likely that Nellie Livingston and Hazel Livingston of Drimnatain, Kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull are in fact one and the same person and the second wife of tenant Neil Livingston's father Duncan Livingston.

List of the Children of Angus Livingston b. abt.1762 d.1856 of Drimnatain, Kilochspelvie, Parish Mull and his wife Marion McPhaden
Born in Drimnatain
1. John b. 18/04/1797
2. Gilbert b. 23/05/1799
3.Mary b. 20/07/1801
4. Niel b. 16/11/1803
5.Margaret b. 03/07/1806
6. Angus b. 13/12/1809?
7.Donald b. 13/12/1809?
8. .Anne b. 03/08/1812
9. Alexander b. 14/05/1815

Interestingly, in the 1851 Census old Angus Livingston was living with son Angus Livingston Jr. and his wife Ann in one tenant croft and Neil Livngston and family were apparently located in neighbouring tenant Croft as indicated in the !851 Censu info at Drimnatain in Kinlochspelvie Parish, Mull. The elder Angus Livingston b. abt.1762 d.1856 is residing with his son Angus Livingston his son's wife Ann and his daughter Margaret. I believe that Angus Livingston Sr. was probably a brother of Neil Livingston's father Duncan Livingston b.abt.1760 and if that is the case then the elder Angus Livingston would be his neighbour Neil Livingston's Uncle.

1851 Scottish Census
Kinlochspelvie Parish, Argyll
Drimnatain (Drimnatyne)
Householder no. 37
Angus Livingston age 35 head of household
Ann Livingston age 30 wife
Angus Livingston age 88 Father
Margaret Livingston age 38 sister
Ann McPhee niece age 20

Householder no. 38
Niel Livingston age 55 head of household agricultural labourer
Mary Livingston age 53
Donald Livingston age 23 agricultural labourer
Alexander Livingston age 18 agricultural labourer
Robert Livingston age 14 agricultural labourer
Mary Livingston age 11 Scholar
Neil Livingston age 8 Scholar


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