Daniel Livingston and Janet Naismith of Cambusnethan Parish, Lanarkshire

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Daniel Livingston and Janet Naismith of Cambusnethan Parish, Lanarkshire

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Hi All,

Following an earlier inquiry regarding Daniel Livingston and Janet Naithsmith here is some information I found regarding Daniel Livingston and Janet Naismith of Cambusnethan Parish Lanarkshire and their Kilninver Parish, Argyll Livingston family connection.

Daniel Livingston was born in 1844 at Lagganmore, Kilninver Parish to John Livingston Occupation:Tailor of Lagganmore, Kilninver Parish, Argyll and his wife Mary McCorkendale. This can be verified by Daniel's poor relief application years later when a resident of Cambusnethan Parish, Argyll dated Feb. 18, 1908 where Daniel stated his wife was Janet Naismith and his parents were John Livingston Tailor and Mary McCorkendale. Also Daniel Livingston's 1924 death record where it states:
District of Cambusnethan County of Lanark
Daniel Livingstone general labourer Widower of "Jessie" Naismith, died April 2, 1924 age 80
Parents: John Livingstone Tailor deceased and Mary McCorkendale deceased
Informant: Mary Livingston daughter

Daniel's Father John Livingston a Tailor presiding in the Parish of Kilninver Parish married Mary daughter of Duncan McCorkendale of the Parish of Kimelford on the 29th April 1843 in Kilniver Parish, Argyll according to the Kilninver Parish Church of Scotland records.

According to the 1851 Scottish Census John Livingston Tailor born abt.1784 is residing in Lagganmore, Kilninver Parish, Argyll. His wife Mary was born 1807 in Kilninver Parish, Argyll. At this time they have at this point in time two children Donald (no doubt Daniel) born 1844 in Kilninver Parish and a daughter Mary who is 11 months old.

Daniel Livingston married Janet Naismith in 1862. Janet Naismith was the daughter of Robert Naismith and Janet Fotheringham daughter of William Fotheringham and Sarah Livingston. Sarah Livingston was born in 1801 at Lagganmore, Kilninver parish, Argyll a daughter of Donald (Daniel) Livingston and his wife Mary McCulloch.

The question has been asked whether or not Daniel Livingston b. 1844 son of John Livington and Mary McCorkendale of Lagganmore, Kilninver, Argyll is closely related to Sarah Livingston's father Donald (Daniel) Livingston also of Lagganmore, Kilninver, Argyll. That is quite possibly but I can't determine precisely what the Kilninver Livingston family connection here is as yet though it probably exists given that both Livingston famiy branches are connected to an old Livingston family group that apparently lived in Lagganmore, Kilninver Parish, Argyll area. It would seem highly probable that Sarah Livingston Fotheringham's father Donald Livingston of Laganmore Farm, Kilniver, Argyll married to Mary McCulloch may have a been a brother or some other close relative of John Livingston b. abt. 1784 who also resided in Lagganmore, Kilninver Parish, Argyll married to a Mary McCorkendale. But that is just a guess on my part.

I think it almost certain that Daniel Livingston's wife Janet Naismith is the Niece of Sarah Livingston (Mrs William Fotheringham daughter of Donald Livingston and Mary McCulloch of Laganmore, Kininver, Argyll but in terms of Daniel Livingston b. 1844 and his father John Livingston b.1784 also of Laganmore, Kilniver I just can't say for certain but I think there are good odds that there was some sort of Livingston family connection between Donald Livingston of Laganmore, Kilniver, Argyll, Sarah Livingston Fotheringham's father and Daniel's father John Livingston also of Laganmore, Kilninver, Argyll. Certainly it is very interesting that both Donald Livington and John Livingston resided in the early 1800's in Laganmore, Kilninver, Argyll.


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