John Livingstone of Listowel, Ontario

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John Livingstone of Listowel, Ontario

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This article from the Perth-Stratford Archives (Ontario, Canada) came out yesterday in the Stratford Beacon Herald: ... m-listowel

I don't think there's any new genealogical information to be found here, but the article features the family Bible of John Livingstone, brother of Dr. David Livingstone, and lists John's children and their birth years. (John has been discussed elsewhere in this forum in connection with his prior years in Lanark County, Ontario, and is relations in Dalhousie Township, Lanark Co.)

For those that may be searching this forum, here is an excerpt from the article, with names in the family:

... the Livingstone family Bible originally belonged to the Livingstone family of Listowel – John Livingstone (1811-1899), to be exact, who was the older brother of famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone (1813-1873). The hardcover Bible is quite large. It was published in Glasgow, Scotland, and the title on the spine is “The Family Bible.” Some pages contain pressed flowers or small notes correcting the text. The most interesting page in the book is the family registry page. It appears that John or his wife Sarah filled in the names and birth dates of their 11 children. The names and dates are as follows: Neil Livingstone, born July 4,1835; Harriot Livingston, born Feb. 13, 1837; Janette Livingstone, born Dec. 22, 1838; Harriot Livingstone, born May 13, 1841; David Livingstone, born April 4, 1843; Agnes Livingstone, born Jan. 30, 1845; Henry Drummond Livingstone, born April 20, 1847; Sarah Livingstone, born April 4, 1849; John Livingstone, born Feb. 4, 1852; Charles Livingstone, born Nov. 24, 1853; and Robert McKenzie Livingstone, born May 3, 1857.
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Re: John Livingstone of Listowel, Ontario

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Hi James,
I appreciate you locating this article and sharing this information. I was not aware of it. My John Livingstone family contact is getting on in years. From him I learned that according to his father the late Dr Harry Livingstone the grandson of John Livingstone Sr., over the years the children of John Livingstone Sr. of Listowel 1811-1899 had given away much what remained of items connected to John Livingstone Sr. and his famous brother Dr. Livingstone and the family in Scotland.

John Livingstone Sr. himself in his old age regretted that he had given away most of the letters he received from Africa over the years from his brother Dr. LIvingstone. The very significant last letter Dr. LIvingstone wrote to his brother John of Listowel, Ontario however remained for many years in the possession of the family in Listowel after John's death in 1899 and according to his great grandson this valuable letter was inherited by John Livingstone and Sarah McKenzie's grandson Dr. Harry Livingston of Listowel was put it up for auction in 1962 by Harry and was purchased by a private buyer at that time. Regrettably this letter the last between John Livingstone Sr. of Listowel, Ontario and his by then ailing and frustrated famous explorer brother and some of his final personal thoughts was not acquired by a museum or archive.

I will ask about this John Livingstone Sr. family bible and this bible page with John's descendant. I don't think it was mentioned to me by him over the years. I will see what he has to say. The fact that the bible originated and was in fact published in Glasgow, Scotland certainly suggests the scenario that John Livingston and his wife Mary may have received this family bible as a wedding present like many other Scottish couples did. They were married in 1835 in Gorbals in the Glasgow area. Or perhaps they acquired it themselves before they Scotland in the early 1840's for Canada. I see in the article no mention of when the bible was published or if one exists. Also the birth dates and names of the children from Neil the eldest to Robert the youngest are consistent with what I know of the birth dates and names of John Livingstone Sr. and Sarah McKenzie's children.

Thanks again so much James for sharing this information and excited to learn that someone in 1988 donated this family bible to the Stratford Perth Archives.


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