Livingston Quarriers of Laroch/ Ballachulish in 1841 Scottish Census

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Livingston Quarriers of Laroch/ Ballachulish in 1841 Scottish Census

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Hi All,
Here is a bit of an update on the interesting discussion years ago we had at our Clan Forum regarding Livingstons of Laroch/ Ballachulish who were employed in the Laroch Slate Mines in the Ballachulish area of Western Argyllshire in the first half of the 1800's.

Since discussions here at the Forum and research years ago regarding Livingstons who resided in the Laroch Ballachulish area in Western Argyllshire in the first half of the 19th century who were Quarriers I took a second look at Livingstons who were employed as Quarriers whom I found recorded within the pages 1- 20 of the Appin and Duror District of Argyllshire in the 1841 Scottish Census. Interestingly many of the residents Livingston householders and those of other families listed on these above mentioned pages were employed as Quarriers stated in the Census pages as residing in Ballachulish. It is not mentioned but I assume they residing in the Laroch Quarry area probably in East Laroch.

Page 5 of these Census pages lists at "Laroch" Ewen Livingston age 60 a Quarrier at with his wife Mary age 60. Residing with them is a son Ewen Jr. age 25, Charles age 20 ( who later married Dorothy McColl) and Angus age 15. A cemetery record indicates that an Ewen Livingston died on April 12, 1848 and this likely Ewen Livingston Sr I suspect.

On the adjacent Page 6 at "Laroch" Donald Livingston age 30 employed as Quarrier is listed with his wife Catharine (McDonald) age 25. Donald Livingston is known to have been a son of Ewen Livingston Senior listed on page 5. Donald and Catharine Livingston were the ancestors of our Clan Society member the late Kaye Saunders and that the elder Ewen Livingston and his wife Mary were Donald Livingston's parents. Listed with Donald and Catharine Livingston is their children Dugald age 6, Peter age 4 and Janet (Jessie) age 2. (Janet (Jessie) is Clan Society member Kaye Saunders ancestor.

Then on Page 10 at "Ballachulish" James Livingston age 35 also a Quarrier is residing in Ballachulish with his wife Isabella (Clarke) age 30 who later departed Ballachulish and settled in Australia. Their children listed were John age 3 and Duncan age 1

Finally on Page 15 at "Ballachulish" there is a John Livingston age 34 also a Quarrier with his wife Mary (McColl) age 30. Cemetery records from Ballachulish indicate that this John Livingston later died on Feb. 22, 1845 and his wife Mary on Aug. 8, 1864 and were buried in St. John's Episcopal Cemetery. Their children listed in the 1841 Census were Catharine age 12, Mary age 10, Janet 6, Ann age 3 and John age 1.

Other Livingstons I noticed continued to work at the Quarries at Laroch in the Ballachuilish area in the second half of the 19th century and some Livingstons may well have worked their in the 1700's.


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