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Re: Kildalton, Argyll Livingston/es

Postby jisaak » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:42 pm

Hi all...first off I am new to your forum but I am not a Livingston descendant, however, my 5th gr grandfather was Donald/Daniel McIntyre who was a corporal in the Fraser Highlanders. In my research I have come across some documents that relate to my McIntyre ancestor when he was in what is now NY/VT after the French Indian Wars and there are also references to a Donald/Daniel Livingston as well. One document that I have is from 1771 and relates to when Robert Cochrane from the Green Mountain Boys forced several families from the land that was granted to them, including a signature from a Donald Livingston. I also have a map and written survey showing the lands that were surveyed for ex soldiers of the French Indian Wars, it appears that a Donald Livingston had property close to my ancestor. I'd gladly share, can I attach documents on this forum or would it be easier for those who are interested to send me an email address and I will forward?

Let me know,
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Re: Kildalton, Argyll Livingston/es

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:18 am

Hi Jim,

Welcome to the forum. Interesting that your Scottish ancestor was also connected Fraser's Highlanders and received land around the same time in the then Colonial Province of New York following the end of the French and Indian Wars. Daniel's later Canadian records indicate that was in the Argyll, Washington County area formerly in Charlotte County before the American Revolution. There was also another Livingston family that of an Isabella Livingston and her late husband Donald Livingston from Islay Argyll who had settled in this Argyll, Charlotte County area way back in 1739 I think it was a settler leader from Islay scotland named Campbell but their promised land grant for the group was delayed until years later when the surviving widow Isabella Livingston received the grant also in the 1760's. Both this Livingston family of Isabella Livingston and Daniel Livingston originated from Islay, Scotland but no connection has been established. I did some research on this other family of Isabella and late husband Donald the original Islay Scottish settlers who arrived with Islay settlement year back in 1739. The first Argyll Livingstons to arrived in the then Colonial Province of New York.

Yes indeed Daniel alias Donald Livingston did received a land grant as a former soldier in Fraser's Highlanders as you mentioned. He also apparently served for a time with other highland regiment Montgomery Highlander's which I know also received land in that area affected by the Green Mountain Boys. I haven not quite figured out why there is conflicting info in his records of having serving in both regiments but he Daniel (Donald) Livingston definitely connected to a land grant which he received on the east side of the Hudson River with other veterans of the French and Indian Wars. Interestingly his son John in Upper Canada years later referring to his father military service in the British Army in an Upper Canada land petition of his own, explains that his father Daniel was referred to in the army as Donald and actually oddly enough included an original copy of his father's land grant from 1765 in which it states that a Donald Livingston is entitled to land grant on land east of the Hudson River for his service. Although the exact location east of the Hudson River is not mentioned by name the general location is referred to in other earlier land petition documents of his father Daniel in Upper Canada. That Daniel/Donald thing confused me for a few years, but I have seen in other Scottish Livingston records where a Daniel Livingston is sometimes referred to as being a Donald Livingston.

I am not related to this Daniel/Donald Livingston either, but was aware that he was one of the earliest known highland Argyllshire Livingstons to settle in Upper Canada (Ontario) arriving there in the 1790's from New York State. I have been researching Argyllshire Livingston settlers in British North America from the late 1700's to 1840's over the last 10 years and was of course interested in learning more about this interesting earlier history in colonial America of Daniel (Donald) Livingston. Colonists in New York Colony had to make the very difficult choice of which side to support during the subsequent American Revolution.Daniel had only be settled in America for little more than a decade before the rebellion began and was forced to take a side and his case he decided to support the British and became a loyalist soldier once against fighting with the British Army. After 1783 and the end of War, it is not entirely clear to me but it seems he returned to his property in New York State before eventually resettling with a number of his sons in neighbouring Upper Canada and petitioning the Government of Upper Canada for a land grant as a loyalist and former New Yorker who served in the British Army once again during the Revolutionary War period. I think some of his sons returned to New York State. Still trying to sort out all of the details.

I would very much be interested in seeing those documents you mentioned pertaining to Daniel/Daniel Livingston you mentioned. I will get back to you on that.


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