Getting ready for next years games

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Getting ready for next years games

Postby livingstoneancestry » Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:28 am

After particpating in 3 Highland Games this year, two of the larger ones here in the US, I'm already looking forward to which ones I can go to next year and things to do better or buy for the tent

1) the best thing so far that interests everyone going thru the clan tents are the tea towels. I have one with Scottish terms and their meanings and a 2nd towel has a clan map of scotland (not the best but still interesting). both are pinned into a tri-fold poster foam type board and then set up on a tri-pod just outside the corner of the tent. The tea towel with the Scottish terms seems to get the most interest

2) better way to hang my muslin banner, it doesnt like to stay straight and tight

3) bought an extra chair in case someone stops by to visit

4) Get the flag in the right colors and bigger

5) consider buying a costume or kilt or something similar

6) more photo holders, some of the items lay flat instead of sitting up

7) buying books like at halfprice books or similar on Scotland/Highlands instead of having to go to the library

8) buying books specifically on the Livingstones (including Dr David Livingstone and my direct line from the Ontario area, they were one of the founding families of a couple of areas in Ontario I believe)

9) additional clan crest items. found several places and have their business cards where I maybe able to buy items with the correct crest (most places have the lowland livingstone crest not the correct one)

10) a clan crest stamper. two of the events had children go around to collect stamps from all the clans present

11) treats to share (sorry doesnt include alcohol as I dont drink)

12) possibly enlarging some items and then laminating them (not sure yet what items)

not sure about going back to the Vancouver Games in BC. It was so small, only 8 clans including us and no Livingstone/MacLea visitors. Seattle/Enumclaw would be nice to go to again, loved the place our tent had, right by one of the stages. But it may overlap with the Glengarry Ontario games. hoping Seattle Games are the last weekend in July, Glengarry is the 1st weekend in Aug. Glengarry isnt for sure yet. As it would mean traveling by car at least 4 days one way or the cost of flying but it would be nice to do just once. Plus it would give me a chance to visit where my family resided over there. And possibly find some more information. Pleasanton definitely would like to do again.

Looking for other possible games to attend. the website for the seattle games, lists a lot of the Highland games in Oregon, Montana, and Washington including a few other states. Most seem to be smaller one day events.

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Re: Getting ready for next years games

Postby Greg Livingston » Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:25 pm


I have some answers for you on your list and some ideas. I will send that over to you by email. I just got back from the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Festival and Highland Games about 8 last night and have to get ready for another one this weekend so it might take me a little while to get that to you. Here are a few quick answers on what I do.

2. Make a PVC pipe frame. Then put grommets in the banner. Use electrical zip ties to attach the banner to the frame. The frame should have legs at each end to hold it up and then you can zip tie it to the frame of the tent to keep it in place.

7/8. take a look at Amazon. There are a lot of books there that are good. I will send you a list of what I have, so far, and others that are good to have.

9. Kyle and I are working on this. We will let you know what we come up with.

10. Kyle has a contact for these clan crest stamps that are self inking.

11. I always have something handy for the children (candy) and something for the adults.

I'll send you more details later.

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