Other July Games

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Other July Games

Postby livingstoneancestry » Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:44 pm

Hi All

It looks like these are some of the up and coming Highland Games, all US.... is anyone planning on attending any of these? Greg you said you were going to 1 or 2 CO games right? the next couple of weekends look busy for Highland Games/Festivals. For some reason, here in CA we have a break between last weekends games and Pleasanton in 8 weeks.
Grandfather Mtn Games/Gathering Linville< NC July 11th to 14th
Payson Games & Gathering Payson, UT July 12th to 13th
Athena Caledonian Games Athena, OR July 13th to 14th
Skagit Valley Games Mt Vernon WA July 13th to 14th (last year we had a clan tent here)
Glasgow Lands Scottish fEstival Northampton, MA July 20th
Portland Highland Games Gresham, OR July 20th
AZ Highland Celtic Festival Flagstaff, AZ July 20th to July 21st
Elizabeth Celtic Festival Elizabeth, CO July 20th to July 21st
Pacific NW Games & Gatherine Enuwclaw, WA July 27th to July 28th (we've had a clan tent at the 2 prior years games)

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Re: Other July Games

Postby Kyle MacLea » Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:45 pm

Hi Suzanne

I've been meaning to write back to your several messages. I hope to do that this week!

I won't be making any of these Games events as a tent host, but I do plan to attend the Portland Highland Games to scope it out and plan for next year. I had high hopes, but given the impending expansion of our family, I am sorry to say that I don't want to be too far afield, and even planning to host a tent locally has proven problematic. Next year, I plan to do Portland, and maybe more. There is a small event in Dundee, OR, which I might try to see about, but I don't think they have clan tents. There may also be other local events.

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Re: Other July Games

Postby Greg Livingston » Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:27 am


All five of the ones I go to are here in the Denver area. Next year will add one in Colorado Springs which is a new festival. Other than that I will need to be retired before I can go much further. Hopefully that happens soon. ;)

David Livingston has set up at Tucson in the past but not recently. The others we need members in the area that would like to host a tent. If you know of someone..... :D
Greg Livingston
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