Stowaways, Greenock to Canada

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Stowaways, Greenock to Canada

Postby jmlivingstone » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:19 pm ... ef=mr&lp=5

Nothing to do with Livingstone research, but an interesting article on the pitfalls that could descend on stowaways, if found on board ship on a voyage to Canada etc., presumably, all ship captains were not so heartless,

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Re: Stowaways, Greenock to Canada

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:28 pm

Hi John,

Sorry I did not see your posting until this morning. A great family story really, but how horrible that was. I bet that was not the first time that happened. Those ships were also dreadful enough for the legitimate passengers and I am sure some Captains were harsh individuals capable of such things in a moment of anger. During the famine period of the 1840's these passenger ships were referred to as Coffin ships as by the time Irish immigrants arrived at Quebec, Canada many of the passengers had either died of cholera or dysentery as results of the crowded unsanitary conditions they experience aboard these ships or died shortly after their arrival at the port at Quebec. Many were actually timber ships refitted to hold passengers and on their return from Quebec would be often loaded up with timber from Canada, pine and Oak for the trip back for ship building in Britain. My Mother's ancestor as a boy of 13 left an unhappy farm life in County Antrim, ireland in 1836 and made his to Belfast where he became a Cabin boy aboard a merchant ship that made trips to Portugal where there was Madeira wine trade with Ireland. He basically eventually worked his passage as the family account goes for at time and one day just got off the ship when it arrived in Quebec and decided to remain in Canada.


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