info please

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carol c keen
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info please

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I am looking for any information on Thomas Livingstone born 1884 P.E.I. married a Barbara I have info on the rest of the family did they stay in P.E.I. or where
parents were Sanuel Livingstone 1852-1941 and Mary Catherine [Horton] livingstone 1859-1933
siblings were :john Samuel 1878
George 1880
Flora isabel 1882
Joseph Henry 1886-1973 my grandfather
mary Jane 1889
Myra 1899
Canadian Livingstone
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Re: info please

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Hello Carol,

Welcome to the Clan Maclea Livingstone Society.

Interestingly and surprisingly Thomas Livingston's full name I discovered was actually George Thomas Livingston according to his later U.S records and he was born Sept. 27, 1893 or 1894 the son of Samuel Livingston and Mary Horton who I assume lived in the Murray Harbour area in the Lot 64 area of Queens County, PEI. I suspect following the death of his older brother George in 1890, Samuel and Mary named their next George Thomas Livingston, though in the 1901 and 1911 Canadian Census in the family info he referred to by his middle name Thomas only.

In the Canadian Census of 1901 Queens County East, Lot 64, Prince Edward Island, Thomas Livingston son of householder Samuel Livingston and his wife Mary Horton is recorded as being age 7, born in PEI Sept. 27 (1894) in the 1901 Census but may actually have been born in 1893 as he may have been 7 going on 8 at the time the 1901 Census was conducted. He seems to have been born on Sept 27th 1893 or 1894 but the old records I have seen do not make it clear whether Thomas (George Thomas Livingston) was born in 1893 or 1894 though all sources of his birth date all agree that he was born on the 27th of Sept.

Thomas (George Thomas Livingston) leaves his home of Murray Harbour, PEI in 1913 and arrives at the U.S. at Vancesboro, Maine on May 15, 1913, on his way apparently to Massachusetts.

On June 5, 1917 George Thomas Livingston enlists in the United States Army during World War 1 but is still a Canadian citizen and fills out a Registration Card stating that he was born Sept. 27, 1892? at Murray Harbour, Queens County, Canada. and residing in Somerville, Mass. George Thomas is employed at the time as a machinist, Merimac Chemical Works in Everett, Mass.

On June 26, 1923 George Thomas Livingston formerly of Murray Harbour, PEI fills a a form a Declaration of Intention to become a U.S citizen. He states that he is George Thomas Livingston age 28 an Automobile mechanic born on Sept 24, 1894 born in Hopefield, PEI and currently residing in Dorchester and married to a wife named only as Barbara in the document. No Children. Curiously in this 1923 record he states that he arrived in the U.S. at Vancesboro Maine on May 27, 1912 instead of 1913. One of the the two dates must be an entry error I assume.

Not sure what happened to his first wife Barbara, but on Aug. 9, 1933 he married his second wife Adele Danielson in New York, New York Richmond County.

On Feb. 17, 1936 George Thomas Livingston fills out a Petition for Naturalization in Boston Massachusetts stating that he is now a resident of Dorchester, Mass. and had on August 9, 1933 married his wife Adela in New York, NY. He indicates that he was born in Hopefield, PEI Canada and this time it is recorded that he was born Sept 27 1893. He signs and declares his intention to become a U.S. citizen.

George Thomas Livingston next appears with his second wife Adele L. Livingston in the 1840 U.S. Census it indicates that George Thomas Livingston age 46 born abt. 1894 in Canada is residing in Boston, Suffolk, Mass. working as a painter, with is second wife Adele L. Livington age 49 born in Massachusetts 1891 working as an office worker in a furnace company and a son Laurence G. Livington b. in Massachusetts age 14 in 1926 is living with them. A 1941 directory of persons living in Boston in 1941 also indicates he is residing in Boston.

I don't have any information on Thomas Livingston son of Samuel Livington and Mary Horton after 1941.


carol c keen
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Re: info please

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very interesting, that is a lot of information for me, as i knew nothing . Are you some how related to this family or do you live there?
I did not check back so did not see your reply, only now I see to check for a notification.
all the rest of that family stayed around murray harbor p.e.i. I was home last fall to p.e.i. and continue to look in cemetaries but no luck so this would be why i can stop looking there.
I will look at some Boston things to see if I can find anything further.
thanks so much for all this
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