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How to Post

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Posting is the primary purpose of bulletin boards. There are two main types of posts you can make: a topic or a reply. Selecting the New Topic button in a forum button will take you to the posting screen. After submitting your post, a new topic will appear in that forum with your post as the first displayed. Other users (and you as well) are now able to reply to your topic by using the Post Reply button. This will once again bring you to the posting screen, allowying you to enter your post.

You will be taken to the posting form when you decide to post either a new topic or reply, where you can enter your post content.

Topic/Post Icon: The topic/post icon is a small icon that will display to the left of your post subject. This helps identify your post and make it stand out, though it is completely optional.

Subject: If you are creating a new topic with your post, the subject is required and will become the title of the topic. If you are replying to an existing topic, this is optional, but it can be changed.

Post Content - While not being labled, the large text box is where your actual post content will be entered. Here, along with your text, you may use things like Smilies or BBCode if the board administrator has them enabled.

Smilies - Smilies, or emoticons, are small images which can be inserted into your post to add expression emphasis. If Smilies are enabled, you will see the text "Smilies are ON" to the righthand of the Post Content box. Otherwise, you will see the text "Smilies are OFF." See Posting Smilies for further details.

BBCode - BBCode is a type of formatting that can be applied to your post content if BBCode has been enabled by the board administrator. If BBCode is enabled, you will see the text "BBCode is ON" to the righthand of the Post Content box. Otherwise, you will see the text "BBCode is OFF." See Posting BBCode for further details.

For More information see ... osting.php
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