Descendant of Lot 65, 31, 30 PEI Donald Livingstone family

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Re: Descendant of Lot 65, 31, 30 PEI Donald Livingstone fami

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Hi Garland,

sorry for the long delay in answering your post - I had posted a reply earlier, but must have not done so properly as I can't find it. I would love to communicate with you more about this. My Father Ralph, Alton's son does remember visiting Elmo here in Simi Valley in the 60s and 70s. My father is still around, he is 88 years of age and never knew his Grandfather Hugh because he died before his birth in 1928. I have Hugh's death certificate and he is buried along with his wife, Isabella at Evergreen Cemetery in Boston. I also have copies of his obituary and the story in the Cambridge Chronicle about his funeral. I love the photo you posted and the resemblance is striking. I only have one photo of Hugh and Isabella, and will be happy to post it to the forum.

I just returned from a two week trip to Scotland where I stayed with the Clan Chief Niall on Lismore at his home. I also visited Mull and Morvern while I was there and had the opportunity to walk through several cemeteries. I am still stumped by the Allan and Donald Cameron Livingstone connection to Lot 65. I was too young when I last saw my Grandfather Alton in 1976 to ask him what he might have known in the family stories about Allan, who was his Grandfather. I am sure there was something handed down to someone, especially since Alton was already a young man when Hugh died. I am convinced Allan and Donald C. came over in a later migration, but must have been closely related to the 1806 Rambler immigrants somehow. Most likely, they exchanged letters before coming to Canada since it would have been too risky to leave Scotland and just show up hoping for an opportunity to farm. There were some Highland Clearances in the 1840s, but more importantly, the potato famine that affected Ireland also hit the Inner Hebrides pretty hard as well. My guess is that one of these events was the "push factor" for Allan and Donald to leave Scotland for the chance of a better life on PEI. The "pull factor" would have been the fact that there were already extended members of their family there farming.

I would be curious if you have any additional pictures of Hugh or any other old family photos. I know my Uncle Robert, Alton's youngest son, just passed away last week. He was 80 years old and remembered that Hugh's wife Isabella made several trips back to PEI when he was younger, so she definitely had family members still there. And yes, Charles White was her father. I have only done preliminary work on the White family, but have a pretty good tree.

Feel free to contact me anytime and we can try and compare notes to help fill in the blanks.


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Re: Descendant of Lot 65, 31, 30 PEI Donald Livingstone fami

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Hi Garland –
I haven’t been on the forum for quite awhile, but was very pleased to spot your posts from last year here.
I am David Michael’s older brother; a Grandson of Alton Hugh Livingstone, and as you – Great-Grandson of Hugh Garland Livingstone. So I guess that makes us second cousins. I had the pleasure of meeting Great Uncle Elmo several times when he visited our folks in Simi Valley. He was a very pleasant man. I actually started the process of looking into the family history some years back – but David, being a historian and with much more focus, has far surpassed my efforts on the project. It had been my intent to approach the Allan Livingstone enigma from the viewpoint of land sale and lease records, and any other legal records that might be located
It has been interesting to note how many of the original family names seem to have been passed down over the generations. As you may know, my own son Alton is named after my Grandfather.
I hope to be able to get onto the forum more frequently – and hope to bump into you again here soon!

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Re: Descendant of Lot 65, 31, 30 PEI Donald Livingstone fami

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HI Ralph,

Garland has not been at the forum for while, but no doubt he will back. Like you and your brother, he has a great interest in learning more about his Livingston ancestry.

Despite the missing records pertains to earliest Livingston land transactions, it is clear to me now that Donald Livingstone a Morvern, Argyll native who had been living with his family in Mull, departed from Mull in 1806 and ended up on a lot on the east side of Nine Mile Creek in 1807, according to ledger with an 1807 land transaction found by researcher John Collins. The mention of Lord Selkirk however is odd with that early land transaction as I can find no historical info stating that Lord Selkirk acquired land in Lot 65. He did so in nearby Lot 62 for instance but can't find any info that Lord Selkirk acquired land in Lot 65. If I find out from John where he found that old ledger, probably in the PEI archives, perhaps a PEI historian might be able help unravel that mystery. In any event it is clear that Donald Livingston Sr. born abt. 1750 did locate on a lot on the east side of Nine Mile Creek probably about 1806 or 1807 as that information suggests. Although the oldest land map circa the 1840's does not show his name on a lot on the east of Nine Mile Creek, the oldest land map does clearly show his son Duncan Livingston up until the time of his death sometime in the 1840's was occupying a 57 1/2 acres lot on the east side of the Hudson River. A couple lots from him was his younger brother Alexander Livingston, Donald Livingston Sr's youngest son. Alexander and his wife I believe left Nine Mile Creek in the 1840's or 1850's. Beside Duncan Livingston was a 70 acre lot occupied in the 1840's by a Widow McInnes. I found on a later deed I managed to get access to from the PEI Archives mention that Alan Livingston your ancestor in the year 1847 leased this lot and that is all that i stated. it did not state from whom or give further details but it was enough a piece of history of this lot to tell him when Alan Livingston first located on this lot and I am assuming by the the info on the old land map that Alan around the time of his 1847 marriage leased this lot from the Widow McInnes the earlier owner. I am bit rusty on those records but I think later he was able to purchase this lot. But in 1847 anyways I found the first bit of info that your ancestor located on the old Widow McInnes lot of 70 acres. Later Alan transferred or sold 62 1/2 acres of this land to his son Alan D. Livingston by the way. I think on that document is where the one sentence about Allan seniors original location on this lot was stated. Anyways in terms of the original Livingston family then Allan in 1847 located on this Widow McInnes lot that was beside a lot of Duncan Livingston son of pioneer Nine Mile Creek Settler Donald Livingston Sr. b. 1750 Perhaps this was part of the original lot of Duncan's father Donald that became his after his father death around 1840. Don't know. What is interesting though it that is clear that sometime later after 1847 probably in the 1860's? your ancestor Alan Livingston ended up also acquiring the lot beside old Widow McInnes in the original land map I showed you which was of course the lot that Duncan Livingston son of Donald Livingstone occupied.

Now the old map 0139 which shows Old widow McInnes lot next to the Duncan Livingston lot and a few lot down a lot occupied by Duncan's younger brother Alexander until he moved from Nine Mile creek area. But on the west side of Nine Creek interestingly recorded on the that old map at some point in the 1840's or sometime thereafter the land person had written on a 100 acre lot on the West side of Nine Mile Creek formerly occupied by a farmer named McNeil with a new name Donald C. Livingston. who we know to be Donald Cameron Livingston. There is an 1880 PEI County Atlas which confirms that Donald C Livingston in 1880 is still located on this 100 acre lot on the west side formerly occupied by a MCNeil. This Donald C. Livingston is Donald Cameron Livingston mentioned in the 1881 census like Alan Livingston as being born in Scotland not PEI and being born abt. 1810 or 1811 in Scotland. The 1881 Census also states that your ancestor Alan Livingston was also born in Scotland. One thing I managed to do for you brother David Michael was prove through later land records that they must have been family. At one point in the later 1800's he purchases a lot of land right beside brother Alan for reasons not known since he had the large lot on the west side of Nine Mile creek. Anyways while I was not able find out who the parents of Alan Livingston and Donald C. Livingston. there was enough information in the land records I did see to suggest they were brothers born in Scotland not PEI. I could find not indication in the old PEi info that your Alan or Donald Livingston of Nine Mile Creek were children of one of the PioneerNine mile creek settler, Donald LIvingstone's son. If the 1881 Census info is correct both Alan and his apparent brother Donald were born in Scotland several years after the original Livingston Nine Miles Creek settler Donald Livingston 1750-1940 and his family arrived at Nine Mile Creek in 1806, so it seems unlikely that Alan or his likely older brother Donald from Scotland were brothers. Still for me and no doubt for you descendants of Alan Livingstons is why then did Alan locate not only in the Nine Mile Creek area but end up acquiring the lot formerly owned by Duncan Livingston son of pioneer settler Donald Livingston and the one side it if he was not connected to this original nine mile creek pioneer family. That I can't really tell you. The DNA test results when compared for the two Livingston families do not suggest that Alan Livingston was closely related to pioneer settler Livingston settler Donald Livingston, though they did seem to share a more distant Livingston ancestor in Argyllshire as they shared a somewhat similar DNA results. In any event it is still a mystery.


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Re: Descendant of Lot 65, 31, 30 PEI Donald Livingstone fami

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I descend from Jannet MacDonald Livingstons brother John MacDonald
Janets parents were John MacDonald and Isabella MacKinnon. There were 7 children Janet, John, Charles, Hugh, Alexander, Bella, and Duncan. I suspect John came from the Isle of Skye and Isabella from Mull.
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Re: Descendant of Lot 65, 31, 30 PEI Donald Livingstone fami

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Hi Bonnie,
Welcome to our Forum.
Sorry I really don't know much about Allan Livingston's wife's PEI, Canada McDonald family or her brother John but it will be no doubt of some interest to the descendants of Allan Livingston who have visited our forum in the past and shared their family connection to Allan Livingston of Lot 65 Queens County, PEI and his wife Janet McDonald. Perhaps the "John McDonald" mentioned in Allan and Janet's marriage information as a witness in 1847 regarding Allan Livingston and Janet McDonald's wedding is your ancestor. See this info below:

On 3 Nov 1847 Allan (Livingston) married Janet (JENNET) McDONALD, in Charlottetown, PEI. Clergy Rev. Silas F. Rand, Baptist minister; witnesses John McDonald & Margaret McKenzie. Born in 1825/1826 in Nine Mile Creek, Lot 65, PEI. Janet (JENNET) died in Nine Mile Creek, Lot 65, PEI, on 20 Mar 1891


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