Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

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Alex L
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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

Post by Alex L »

I have recently made a couple of great discoveries regarding the descendants of Old Angus Livingston of Anson County.
At the beginning of the year I visited what remains of the home site of Angus Livingston (1821-1885). Serendipitously, I met the man who currently owns the property and he took me and my father out to the remote site. Angus M. bought the property in 1869 and lived there until he died, at which point his son (my great grandfather) John T Livingston took over. This is particularly exciting for me because this is the house into which my grandfather and namesake was born in 1902. John T sold the property shortly thereafter and moved the family to Red Springs, NC for reasons unknown to me. What remains of the house is its chimney, a couple of footings and the well. The gentleman who took us there lived in the house as a child before it burned down around 1958.
The second discovery is a graveyard which is definitely a Livingston burial ground. When my wife and I found it in May, we cleared a lot of brush and debris away and determined there are at least 8 people buried there. Five of the graves are marked with plain head and foot stones and three of the graves have monuments with engravings. Those three are:

1) Susan Livingston Vick (daughter of Duncan Livingston)
2) Cornelia Alice Meachum (daughter of John B. Livingston, grand daughter of Duncan)
3) Dora Meachum (daughter of Cornelia Alice and JJ Meachum, great grand daughter of Duncan)

In this gravesite rests three generations of Duncan’s ancestors so it very much is a Livingston Cemetery. By linking land deed records to him, my research suggests that this gravesite is located on what used to be Duncan’s “home tract.” It is located on hundreds of acres owned by a forest management corporation with whom I’m currently arranging legal access. The company’s land man who I’ve been working with has been very helpful. The discovery of the gravesite raises a lot of questions, a few of which are:

- There is record of Susan L. Vick living in Wadesboro Township with her husband JP and children as late as 1880…so why would she want to be buried out in the cut eight years later unless it was a meaningful place?
- By this thinking, are her parents Duncan and Martha buried here?
- I have yet to find document of where Duncan’s son Isaiah Coke is buried. It’s known he was a soldier who died in the war but is there record of where he’s buried?
- Did Duncan’s children James P. and John B. move to Alabama together? If so, why?
- I’ve seen reference in this forum to Old Angus having a daughter named Catherine but I haven’t been able to find anything else. Any other information on her?

I’ll post any pertinent info here as is comes to light. This has been an amazing journey so far. Not only have I uncovered an ancestral past that wasn’t known to me and my father, I’ve reestablished a couple of specific Livingston family sites that have nearly been lost forever.

Alex L
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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

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Great finds, Alex! I'm sure that Donald will like reading this. I hope you took photos of the grave sites with details of the engraved head stones. Those will be valued by your descendants along with all the work you have done.
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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

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Hi Alex,

Delighted to hear that you have continued your research of your North Carolina Livingston ancestors and made this amazing breakthrough and discovery. That is a pretty interesting story and thank-you for sharing and providing us with this significant update on your Anson County, N.C. Livingston family quest. Hope your keeping well.


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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

Post by Ansondon »


This relates to Alex's post of June 2020. I can answer some of the questions Alex asks, and I have some of my own. I will try to get to them with another post later this week.
By the way, I believe I have photos of the Vick and Meacham graves Alex' mentions. Steve Bailey sent them to me several years ago.

Best regards,

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Re: Angus Livingston Anson County, North Carolina

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First on your question, "where is Isaiah Coke buried?" He died in Petersburg, VA in 1862. There is a confederate cemetery there called Blandford Cemetery that has the remains of nearly 30,000 confederate dead. However, the names of only about 2,000 of them are known. Fortunately, I believe we know that Isaiah Coke is buried there. The gravesite details list the name "J. C. Livingston." Of course the "J," doesn't match our name but everything else in the details does. (1) "Buried Aug. 4, 1962" is a match (Isaiah's "muster out date" was Aug. 3, 1862), (2) "Age 22" is a match (Isaiah was born in 1840), and, most importantly, (3) "Born in Anson County, NC" is a match.

I believe that Catherine, born about 1795, was Angus's daughter based on inferences drawn from census records. I believe he also had a daughter named Mary who was born in 1782 and died in 1860. I believe you know about Angus's son, John. I'm happy to provide what I know about him.

I'll follow up with another post.

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