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I have found a list of those who fought at Waterloo. A private John Livingstone was among them. He was in the 2nd British regiment of Dragoons. (Barnards Troop). Does anyone have any info on his possible descendants or relatives?
Canadian Livingstone
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Re: Waterloo

Post by Canadian Livingstone »

Welcome to the Clan Maclea Livingstone Forum.
I know that there were a number of Livingstones/Livingstons of Scottish origin that served in the British Army during the Battle of Waterloo, but I don't have any info detailed or otherwise on this John Livingston that you mention. The British Military records during this period for enlisted men generally provides very little detailed info on their origins in Scotland for the most part but may mention the County in Scotland were they originated. In any event, for certain there were some Livingstones/Livingstons residents of highland Argyllshire at the time of the Napoleonic Wars serving in the British Army and well as some whose place of residence at the time of enlistment was in Lanarkshire or some other lowland County. From time to time over the years someone locates a muster roll or some other list from the military records which contains a Livingstone/Livingston and has brought it to our attention.

In the years following the Rebellion of 1745, Livingstones, Livingstons of highland Argyllshire were encouraged to serve in highland regiments as were members of other Argyllshire clans by the British Army. A few Argyllshire Livingstons I noticed served in a couple of regiments that ended up in the 1750's and 1760's in Colonial America during the French and Indian Wars. Later some Livingstons served in America with the British Army during the subsequent Revolutionary War. During the later conflict with the French and Napoleion beginning in the 1790's and continuing till 1815, there were a number of Livingstones/Livingstons including the one you mentioned that served in the British Army, but I don't know about the John Livingston you mentioned.


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Re: Waterloo

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Some info on your recent request regarding a John Livingstone, his regiment was Royal Scots Greys also known as 2nd. Dragoons, see first link below.

The second link contains mention of Barnards Troop, apparently named after a Cpt. Barnard.

Unfortunately, it does not help in finding info on John.

Can you post a link here, to access the file you have, or e-mail it to jmlivingstone-at-hotmail.co.uk.

I’ll try to find him at Kew, with any luck we may manage to get his fathers name and address from his enlistment papers,



https://www.johngraycentre.org/people/m ... erloo-iii/
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