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Re: Original Livingstons in Midlothian, Scotland

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:15 pm
by Roberta Ann
Hi Donald;

Alexander Livingston b about 1500 in Calender, Stirling and died 1551. He was the only child of William Livingston b 1460 and Agnes Hepburn b 1463. Alexander married Anne Douglas b about 1505 in Morton, Dumfrieshire d/o John Douglas and Janet Crichton.
Children of Alexander and Anne
Janet b 1535 in Callender d. Oct 4, 1599 m Alexander Bruce b 1530 in Airth
John b 1524 West Lothian
Thomas b 1528
Helen b 1532
Magdalene b 1538
Mary b 1541
Marion b 1554
Elizabeth b about 1545 in Blairlusk, Stirling m John Buchanan about 1577



Re: Original Livingstons in Midlothian, Scotland

Posted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 9:01 am
by Ozlivingstone
Jewel wrote: Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:42 am Hello Donald,

These are all of the Livingson's with various spellings that I have for Tranent, East Lothian. I have grouped them into families.

Tranent, East Lothian, Scotland ( total of 15families, 72 births or christenings)

1. David, c. Nov.17,1612 Father: Nuckill Livingstone
Alexander, c. April,9, 1615 Father Nicol Livingstone
Jennet, c. Aug. 24,1617 Father, Nicoll Livingstone
Williame Johne, c. April 25, 1619 Father, Nicoll Livingstone

2. Alexander, c. Jan.11, 1614, Father, Johne Livinstone

3. Agnes, c. May 13,1616, Father, James Livingstone
Margaret, c. Oct. 18,1617
Marione, c. Sept. 3, 1620

4. Robert , c. Jan. 2,1676 Father John Leviston & Mother Elizabeth Merstoun
Walter, c. Mar. 3, 1678

5. Thomas, b. Dec. 17,1727, Father, William Livingston & Mother,Margaret Innes
Jasper, b. Oct. 1730,
Margaret, b. Jul. 8, 1733
Elspeth, b. Mar. 8, 1738
Jasper, b. Jun. 25,1740
Janet, b. Aug. 4, 1745

6. Margaret, b. Mar. 30,1753, parents: Andrew Livingston & Margaret Tylor

7. Alexander, b. Jan. 7, 1753, parents: Alexander Livington & Ellizabeth Hog.
Andrew, b. Feb. 15,1754
Alexander, b. Sept. 30, 1755
Charles, b. Jul. 5,1757
Elizabeth, b. Jul. 28, 1760
Jean, b. Sept.22, 1761
James, b. Aug. 21,1763
Marion, b. Dec. 10, 1764
Margaret, b. May, 18, 1767
Agnes, b. May 16,1769
Janet, b. Sept. 18,1771
Christian, b. Jun. 20,1775

8.James, b. Mar. 14,1765, parents: Thomas Livingstone & Agnes Cunningham
Thomas, b. Sept. 24,1767
James,b. Jun.3,1770
Margaret, b. July, 8,1772
Agnes, b. Feb. 22,1774
Thomas, b. Sept. 24, 1776
Cornelius,b. Nov. 30,1778

9. Ninian, b. Aug. 9,1766, Parents: Alexander Livingstone & Katharine Moody

10.Elisabeth, b. Jun.14, 1767, Parents: Jasper Livingstone & Agnes Chalmers
Helen, b. Apr. 24,1769
Agnes, b. May 10,1771
John, b. Sept. 21, 1773
William, b. May 16,1775
Margaret, b. Jul. 8,1777
Marian, b. Jun. 17, 1780
Andrew, b. Nov. 17,1782
Anne, b. Mar. 31,1785

11. Margaret, b. May 25, 1786, parents: James Livingstone & Mary Thomson

12. Alexander, b.Mar. 22, 1789, parents: James Livingstone & sarah Wood
Janet, b. May 22, 1791
James,b. Mar. 10,1794
James,b. Jun. 17,1796
John, b. Sept. 24,1798
David Howie, b. Apr. 28, 1803

13. Christian, b. Nov. 5, 1806 parents: John Livingstone & Christian Howie

14. James,b. May 2, 1809 parents: Alexander Livingston & Janet Mark
Jean,b. May 13, 1811
Alexander, b. Apr. 10, 1813
William, b.Jun. 15,1815
Margaret Campbell,b. Apr. 16, 1817
Christian,b. Jul.24,1819
David,b.Aug. 12, 1822
Hugh, b.Jun. 7, 1825
Thomas,b. Aug. 9,1828
Janet, b. Jan.22,1831

15. Helen, b. Oct. 12, 1822, parents: James Livingstone & Isabel Baxter
James, b. Dec. 14, 1824
Janet, b.Nov. 16, 1827
Margaret, b. Sept. 16,1830,
John, b. Apr. 15,1833
Catherine, b. Jun. 12, 1836
Alexander, b. Nov. 26,1839

Prestonpans, East Lothian to follow. For North Leith there were 33,Livingston births or christenings starting in 1632 and for South Leith, there were 52 starting in 1648.

Descend from James, b. Aug. 21,1763 parents Alexander, b. Jan. 7, 1753, parents: Alexander Livington & Ellizabeth Hog.

Re: Original Livingstons in Midlothian, Scotland

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2021 1:16 am
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Oz Livingstone,
Welcome back.
Just to refresh my memory and see if I have the Y111-5 Livingston DNA matches correct can you check this info below:
Phillip Livingston (your cousin) His Livingston Y DNA Matches at 111 markers tested Big Y R-TF134647
Ancestors James born 1763 son ofAlexander Livingston and Elizabeth Hogg of Tranent Parish, East Lothian, Scotland
111-5 Ronald Lindsay Livingston Ancestor John Liveston (Livingston) Forfar(Angus County), Scotland Big Y R-TF13467
111-5 Mr. Edwin Livingstone Ancestor James Livage of Glamis, Angus County, Scotland b abt 1675



Re: Original Livingstons in Midlothian, Scotland

Posted: Thu Jun 24, 2021 4:48 am
by Ozlivingstone
Yes that is correct R-FT134647 for both my male Livingstone cousin Phillip Livingstone and for Ronald L Livingstone II. Both have done Big Y. Ronald lives in North Carolina (John Livingston/Liveston b. abt 1751 Forfar)

Re: Original Livingstons in Midlothian, Scotland

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 2021 3:27 pm
by Canadian Livingstone
Hi Oz Livingstone,

I am not that familiar with the Counties of Lowland Scotland but I realize now that Fofar and Glamis where Edwin Livingston's ancestors come from are both part of the County of Angus in Lowland Scotland. Fofar is actually a parish and town in the County of Angus formerly Fofarshire. Angus is the Ancient name for the County of Angus and then is was changed to Forfar or Forfarshire and then back in 1928 to the County of Angus. So one way or another Ronald and Edwin Livingstone appear to be be descended from Livingstone's that resided in County of Fofarshire renamed more recently the County of Angus. And their ancestors I assume were ancestrally connected to your Livingstones who resided in East Lothian. Ronalds SNP results so close to your cousins certainly leave little doubt to that.

Interestingly if you look on a County of Map of Scotland at the location of East Lothian and the County of Angus they are in relatively close proximity to one another in Lowland Scotland. So the DNA testing suggests you and your cousin's East Lothian Livingstone ancestors were apparently somehow related to Livingstones that resided in the nearby County of Angus. It still the leaves the question of where the East Lothian and County of Angus Livingstones ultimately originated. They do appear to be definitely of lowland Livingstone Y DNA match group. Edwin has not done the SNP test as your cousin and Ronald I assume, so that would be useful, if he has any interest, to confirm through the Big Y SNP test if he shares the same SNP results as your Livingstone cousin and Ronald do.



Re: Original Livingstons in Midlothian, Scotland

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2021 1:19 am
by Ozlivingstone
Hi Donald

I will try and reach out to the Edwin match