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Pleasanton Games

Post by livingstoneancestry »

Hi All

Over the weekend, my son and I attended the 148th annual Scottish Highland Gathering and Games. It is suppose to be one of the largest and oldest Games in the US and possibly North America. There were about 75+ clans represented plus several societies. Weather was fairly nice. A little warm for me, but I'm from WA State. We had a new set up in our clan tent this time. I added a 2nd smaller table. Usually I have a one table in the front of the table but it was getting a little crowded. Added the 2nd table and then put one on each side of the tent with the front open. 2nd table had the signin sheet and Clan Crest products we're now offering including shot glasses, bumper stickers, window decals; as well as the informational items on our Clan Society and DNA testing project.

Actually a very quiet weekend for out tent. Our clan tent was located near one of the entrances but still very quiet. Had a very people come by to ask general questions. Had one person sign in on Sunday. Did get our clan name announced correctly the 2nd day at the Clan Parade. 1st day they skipped us and there seemed to be confusion if we were MacLean or not. I run into this at almost every games, with our clan names being so similar

Looking forward to Fresno Games Sept 21st and Dixon Games Sept 28th

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Re: Pleasanton Games

Post by Kyle MacLea »

Thank you for going and representing our Clan so well, Suzanne! If we stay out here on the West coast, I hope to make it down to Pleasanton and see what all the fuss is about. :)


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Re: Pleasanton Games

Post by Greg Livingston »

Thank you, Suzanne. I'm surprised by the low numbers we see at the various festivals so this winter I'm going to look at what we can do to increase that.

Once again, thank you for the all the hard work you do there in California.
Greg Livingston
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