Dixon Scottish Games and Gathering

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Dixon Scottish Games and Gathering

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Today we were present for the 10th Annual Scottish Games and Gathering presented by the Dixon Scottish Cultural Association, in Dixon CA. Nice weather in the low 80's with a breeze off and on... A smaller event, about 25 clans were present with half a dozen vendors and half a dozen food vendors. Tempest and Black Eyed Dempseys were the musicians. In addition to pipers, dancers and athletics, we also had shinty and rugby going on by the clan tents

half the clan tents were on the side of the shinty/rugby, the other half to the heavy athletics. watch out for flying balls if you're on the shinty/rugby side... had a few go into, thru or over the clan tents. Clan parade a little earlier than most at 9:45am, opening ceremonies at 10am. Different from the rest I've been to in CA but similar to Skagit Valley in WA, the clans march in at the beginning of the ceremony and are on the "field" during the opening ceremony.

This was my last event for this year, we hope to return to some of the same events next year....

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