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Modesto Games 2015

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:54 pm
by livingstoneancestry
This past weekend was the Modesto Highland Games and Celtic Festival presented by the St Andrews Society of Modesto. Weather was up in the 90's but we're along the river and lots of trees so not too bad. abt 30 clans/societies. abt 10 vendors or so but only a few choices for food. Hawaiian Ice and Frozen yogurt seemed to be the favorites. lots of kids coming by our tent, at least 25-30 for clan stamps. I keep a small container of kids candy and had a small container of party favor toys. we also had a visit from Queen Mary and her court. unfortunately no clans men/women stopped by. visitors asking general questions about Scottish history or looking for more info on their clans.

For the clan parade a little different, not sure if it just wasnt organized really well or what. for Modesto I dont believe we walk in alpha order like most Games, we fall in behind the pipers and before Queen Mary and her court. and this year they had us on the "field" to hear the ceremony but never announced any of the clan or society names for some reason. When I was last there two years ago, we walked across the field as they announced our names.