Bellingham Highland Games

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Bellingham Highland Games

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Hello. This past weekend were the Bellingham Highland Games in Ferndale WA. Very nice weather for the Pacific NW with highs in the low to mid 80's (warm by our standards). Seemed a little disorganized at times when arriving and leaving but other than that was a very nice Games with music from Wicked Tinkers, several vendors, athletic games, children's games (and juniors). had a few people stop by our tent for general questions. Abt 20 clans present for the Games. minor mishap when leaving as my son and I carried out some of our items rather than wait for the ok to bring the car in and I managed to drop my car keys somewhere on the way from the car back to the tent area... spent an hour looking for them. luckily someone had found them and turned them in. But other than that, looking forward to hopefully going again next year

Up next for me are the Prosser Highland Games on Saturday June 18th

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Re: Bellingham Highland Games

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Nice going, Suzanne! :)

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