Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games!

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Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games!

Post by D.W.Livingston »

Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games!

November 1st through the 3rd!
I will be attending these games and am putting in for a booth/tent.

I am just wondering what stuff I should have out for the Clan? Also what little tricks have people found to keep things safe from the wind (last time I used rocks)... and other tips and tricks people might have had.

Thank you everyone!!
David Wyse Livingston
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Greg Livingston
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Re: Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games!

Post by Greg Livingston »

I have a new EZ Up tent with side walls that I use. That helps cut down on the wind entering the tent when it's windy. There are 3 stakes, an 11 pound weight and a staked rope in each corner to hold down the tent. I try to have minimal items on the table that will blow around and then weigh them down with heavier items such as books. Most of the time there is just a breeze but it can get real windy here in the mountains so I plan for the worst and hope for the best. I haven't lost anything to the wind other than a tent back in April. It was the first time with that one and I didn't get it staked properly so it ended up flipped, ripped and bent. Nothing else was damaged since it wasn't fully set up yet. Sign in sheets are in a notebook which holds them there but they can get the page changed without warning. :lol: I have plastic info/pamphlet easel(s) for the DNA and Clan Society information sheets with a binder clip holding them in place. That's about it. Had the Saltire flying last weekend and it was straight out with the wind, looked great.
Greg Livingston
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