Livingston/Levingston of Murray Township, Northumberland County, Ontario

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Re: Livingston/Levingston of Murray Township, Northumberland County, Ontario

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Hi Elaine,

I can't say that they would likely related in any way to husbands family of Mull Maclea Livingstone ancestry through Angus Livingstone of Penmore, Kilninian Mull. I am thinking probably not. Interestingly most Livingstones with roots with Livingstones of Mull and other neighbouring parishes in the 19th century used quite frequently the gaelic first names common to Western Argyllshire folk. I have did not noticed too many of those names in Peter his son William or his son Manley's family.

All I really know for certain is your Husband's Livingstone ancestor was definitely of Western Argyllshire ancestry and living in Penmore, Kilninian Parish, Mull before settling in Cape Breton. DNA testing of a Livingstone descendant of old Angus Livingstone and his wife Christina McLucas confirms that he shares similar DNA with other Livingstones that had been tested of Mull, Western Argyllshire origins. The descendants of Peter Livingston I can't really be certain without more family history information regarding ethnic origins or a Familytreedna Y DNA test which might prove helpful.
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