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sandy livingston

Postby sandylivingston » Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:16 pm

Here's a question to get everyone thinking. I'm John Alexander (Sandy) Livingston, my father Alexander Duncan ( Sandy ) Livingston, grandfather John Hugh Livingston (Anne Scott), great grandfather Duncan Livingston (Mary MacDonald), great great grandfather John Livingston Jr ( old Kate ) great great great grandfather John Livingston Sr ( Catherine Campbell). Question is my father often referred to his " Uncle Sandy " . apparently Uncle Sandy lived the life of a hermit. My father often spoke of bringing supplies to him where he lived in the woods near Springhill NS. he said he'd walk all day deliver the goods and Uncle Sandy would say "thanks boy" and he would return without even being offered a drink of water. I don't believe he was from my grandmothers ( Scott ) side of the family but really not sure. Who is this guy???

i may have answered my own question. my great great grandmother (Mary MacDonald) had a brother Alexander. He would be my grandfathers (John Hugh) uncle and probably referred to by the family as Uncle Sandy. Can't quite put him near Springhill yet though.
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Re: sandy livingston

Postby jmlivingstone » Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:16 am


Can you supply any further information on where your family came from originally, I had a quick look for a John Livingstone marrying a Catherine Campbell in Scotland, the only one so far, using the same spelling of Catherine, is as follows;

John Livingstone m. Catherine Campbell, probably at Kilninian & Kilmore, Argyllshire, around 1812-13.


Alexander b. 30 June 1814.
Hugh b. 03 Feb. 1815.
Flory b. 02 Jan. 1817.
Mary b. 01 Aug. 1819.

There is another John & Katherine m. Dull, Perthshire, note different spelling of Catherine.

Really, more info is required to attempt to sort out who your Sandy actually was, anyway,hopefully the above may be of some use,

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Re: sandy livingston

Postby sandylivingston » Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:23 pm

there are a few john (1773-1840) and catherine's this is my ggg grandfather ... v_no=31772 they settled in CBI Mull River in about 1824. the John born 1808 would be John Jr my gg grandfather who married (old Kate), his son Duncan my g grandfather who married Mary MacDonald. his son John Hugh my grandfather.
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Re: sandy livingston

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Wed Aug 29, 2012 9:18 pm

Hi Sandy,

Sorry we dont have info regarding your family beyond that related toJohn Livingston and Catharine Campbell and those Livingstons who resided in the Mull River and Whycocomagh.

There was surviving document from Mull which indicates that a John Livingston and Catharine Campbell and their children left Kilninian and Kilmore Parish , Mull for Nova Scotia in 1821. This document was in the possession of the family of Alexander Livingston b. 1815 of Whycocomagh, Inverness County, Cape Breton Nova Sccotia for many years. The only logical reason the family had this was that Alexander was a son of this John Livingston and Catharine Campbell who arrived around neighbourin Mull River, mabou Inverness County in the early 1820's. We are currently doing a dna project to determine whether or not Alexanders decendant is related to a Colin Livingston of PEI born abt. 1817 in Mull Scotland who according to his PEI death record was from Whycocomagh Cape BReton before venturing to PEI. It is also my belief based on the mUll ducoment from the Alexander Livingston family of Whycocomagh that your family of JOhn Livingston Jr. were related. That is to say that your John Livingston Jr. was the older brother of the above mentoiined Alex and Colin. Interestingly enough the Penmore Kilninian and Kilmore Parish, Mull John Livingston and Catharine campbell baptised their chidren from a period of 1806 to 1820. This is the family you are referring to from the MUll Genealogy site. The Penmore family records an elder son John Jr. and includes an Alexander baptised 1814 and a Colin baptised 1817 which curiously enough are a near match to approximate birth years of farmer Alexander Livingston of Whycocomagh, Inverness county, Cape Breton and Colin Livingston also said to be formerly of Whycocomagh in his 1860/s PEI obituary. There are no more baptisms after 1821 the same year the 1821 document in the Whycocomagh Livingstons family from Mull Scotland stated that a John Livingston and Catharine Campbell of Kilninian and Kilmore Parish left for Nova Scotia.

The Clan Maclea Livingstone Society has a DNA project to help link various Maclea and Livingstone families from around the world and currently there are a number of families with Cape Breton/PEI Livingstone origins in the Project. Our Clan Commisssioner can provide you with mor e information on this if you are interested. This is one excellent method to be absolutely certain which Cape Breton, PEI and other Livingston families with roots to Mull Scotland are related to your family. In a month or so we should know for certain if Alexander Livingston of Cape BReton and Colin Livingston of PEI were related and eventually as a next step we are hoping to eventually match them to a descendant of John Livingston Jr. of Mull River, Inverness County to completely prove or disprove a connection between the Mull River Mabou and neighbouring Whycocomagh Inverness County, Cape Breton Livingstons.

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Re: sandy livingston

Postby jmlivingstone » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:16 pm


Don't remember if I previously posted the info below, I saw this on Mull Families, it seems to tie in with previous dates, worth a look at anyway,


LIVINGSTON John, Chr. 20 Jan 1782 Eolassary, Ulva, Kilninian and Kilmore.

F. Duffus/Duffice, b. Abt 1742, Arin, Kilninian and Kilmore.

M. CAMPBELL ,Mary {Ann},

Married. 22 Dec 1767 Kilninian and Kilmore.


1. Mary, chr. 26 Mar 1769, Treshnish, Kilninian and Kilmore
d. Bef 1775, Arin, Kilninian and Kilmore.

2. John, chr. 3 Feb 1771, Kilmaluaig, Kilninian and Kilmore
d. Bef 1782, Arin, Kilninian and Kilmore .

3. Donald, chr. 28 Jul 1773, Treshnish, Kilninian and Kilmore.
d. Bef 1779, Arin, Kilninian and Kilmore.

4. Mary, chr. 30 Jul 1775, Treshnish, Kilninian and Kilmore.

5. Christina {Christian}, chr. 23 Jun 1778, Arin, Kilninian and Kilmore.

6. Donald, chr. 29 Jul 1779, Kilninian and Kilmore.

7. Catherine, chr. 13 Jun 1784, Kilninian and Kilmore.

d. 4 Nov 1855, Tostary, Kilninian and Kilmore.

John – m - Catherine Cambell, 31 Dec 1805 Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.

John/Catherine Children

1. Mary, chr. 17 Nov 1806, Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.

2. John, chr. 27 Jun 1808, Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.

3. Janet, chr. 3 Sep 1810, Aird of Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.

4. Donald, chr. 8 Nov 1812, Aird of Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.

5. Alexander, chr. 30 Jun 1814, Aird of Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.

6. Catherine.

7. Colin, chr. 1 Sep 1818, Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.
d. 1867, PEI, Canada .

8. Christina, chr. 26 Dec 1820, Penmore, Kilninian and Kilmore.
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Re: sandy livingston

Postby Canadian Livingstone » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:02 pm

Hi John,

Interesting thing about John Livingston/Levingston and Catharine Campbell who lived in Mull in the early 1800's is that according to the Kilninian Parish records there were two of them and that both of them were oddly enough married in year 1805 and both left Mull in the 1820's for Nova Scotia. Over the years I have been in touch with one descendant from the one family from Penalbannach John Livingston and Catharine Campbell and with two descendants of two different sons of the John Livingston and Catharine Campbell that lived in Penmore, Mull and have spent many hours trying to sort it all out as to who belongs to which family. Some of my earliest assumptions were in part proven wrong by DNA testing but a new and more interesting picture emerged unexpectingly linking my own MOrvern Livington family as being related to one of these John Livingstons which I had not at early on considered.

One of these Livingston couples, John Livingston and Catharine Campbell lived at Penmore, Mull and may be related to Angus Livingston and Christy McLucas who also lived and married at at Penmore, Mull and who also left Mull earlier in 1816 or 1819 for Nova Scotia. The second couple is referred to sometimes as John Levingston and Catharine Campbell in the Kilninian records and they resided at Penalbannach, Kilmory and Kengharar, Mull before leaving for Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the 1820's. Descendant so both John Livingston and Catharine Campbell of PEnmore and John Levingston and Catharine Campbell of Penalbannach, Mull have participated in DNA project and a match with the Parker Livingston Group. No descendant of Angus Livingston of Penmore has does the familytreedna test as far as I know. Descendants of the most of the original Livingston Mull settlers to Nova Scotia have participated in the familytreedna project except for that of Angus and one other Livingston family that of the earliest Argyllshire Livingston family to settle in Nova Scotia in 1791 who was Malcolm Livingston from Kilmallie Parish, Ardgour, Argyll who settled in Pictou Nova Scotia in 1791 and later he and his sons received land in Angtigonish County, Nova Scotia.

Sandy is descended from a John Levingston/Livingston and Catharine Campbell who were married in Mull in January of 1805, lived in Killundine Movern that year but by 1810 returned to Mull and for a few year resided at a place called Penalbannach, Mull. Later they settled in Mull River, Inverness County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the 1820's. According to their Kilninian Parish marriage entry of 1805 John levingston was actually a "of Morvern" and his wife Catharine Campbell as the Cape Breton Campbell family info confirmed from "Teang" or Tengie, Mull which turns out to be Aros, Mull area. Their first child interestedly a daughter Ann was married actually in Movern Parish and this record further confirms the Movvern, Connection with Catharine's husband John Levingston as it indicates that late in 1805 when Ann Livingston was born her father John Levingston of Livingston in her baptism entry is referred to a workman of Killundine, MOrvern. The family a few years later returned to Mull and to a place called Penalbannach which I referred to. There were however in the early 1800's a few Livingstons residing at Killundine Movern one of the settlements along the west coast of Morvern. As Sandy is my livingston families closest match at 67-1 I found it helpful I was able to verify that his ancestor unknown to him had an earlier Morvern connection. His family only knew of the Mull connection. The Movern Livingston connection however would explain the very close match with my Livingstons and that the information that his ancestor in 1805 was a workman in Killundine, Movern is even more helpful. Now as luck have it there were a couple of Livingston families that remained in Killundine Movern after John Livingston left including a Miles Livingston whose child was baptized in 1812. This may be another significant clue to my Morvern Livingston family connection to the Kilundine Livingston families as my great-great-great Livingston grandfather was also named Miles Livingston. My ancestor Miles Livingston left Scotland in 1812 but this other Miles in the 1812 Morvern records at Killundine, Morvern is almost certainly a cousin of my own ancestor Miles Livingston. Very likely this other Miles Livingston at Killundine in 1812 was a related to this John Levingston workman in 1805 at Killundine Movern who that year 1805 we know from the Mull Kilninian Parish records married Catharine Campbell of Teang, Mull. So for me these Kilninian Parish records of the John Livingstons and Catharine Campbells have proven to be of help in discovering my own Morvern Livingston ancestral connections oddly enough. And as we know from the tests now most of the Mull Livingstons and the Movern Livingstons share a more ancient Maconlea/Maclea common ancestor so we are all one big family.

Here to recap is Kilninian Parish info on the two John Livingston/Levingston and Catharine Campbells of Mull. The fact that both were married in 1805 and that both families ended in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton was source of both great interest and confusion over the years.

John Livingston of Penmore, Mull and Catharine Campbell
married Dec.31, 1805 (from Kilninian Parish, Mull parish records)

Surviving Baptism Records of their children
1. Mary Levingston of Penmore bapt. Nov. 17,1806
2. John Levingston of Penmore bapt. June 27, 1808
3. Jannet Livingston of Aird (near Penmore) bapt. Sept.3,1810
4. Donald Livingston of Aird (near Penmore) bapt. Nov. 8, 1812
5. Alexander Livingston of Aird (near Penmore) bapt. June 3,1814 m. Ann Livingston of a Prince Edward Island Livingstone family
lived at Skye Mt. near WHycocomagh, Inverness County, Cape Breton, N.S.
6. Catharine Livingston of Penmore bapt. Aug. 21, 1816
7. Colin Livingstone of Penmore bapt. Sept. 1, 1818 lived at Whycocomagh, Inverness County died 1867 in Kings County, Prince Edward Island. In the 1860’s he and his family left Cape Breton and acquired a farm in Kings County, Prince Edward Island. Wife: Catharine Gillies likely related to one of the Whycocomagh Gillies families.
8. Christina Livingstone of Penmore bapt. Dec. 26, 1820

John Levingston "from Morvern" married January 22, 1805 Catharine Campbell of "Teang", Mull (from Kilninian Parish, Mull (This is Sandy Livingston's ancestor)

John Livingston workman at Killundine (Morvern) and Katrina Campbell a daughter Anne born 8 November 1805 Morvern Parish

John Livingston and Mary Campbell Penalbanach had a lawful son John baptized January 21, 1810 Kilninian Parish, Mull (Should be Catharine Campbell apparent error by Parish Minister) (ancestor of Sandy Livingston)

John Livingstone and Cath. Campbell Penalbanach had a lawful daughter Grace baptized Dec. 15, 1811 Kilninian Parish, Mull

John Livingstone and Catharine Campbell Penalbanach had a lawful son Duncan baptized Nov. 14, 1813 Kilninian Parish, Mull

John Livingstone and Catharine Campbell Kilmory had a lawful son Hugh baptized Feb. 7, 1815 Kilninian Parish, Mull

John Livingstone and Catharine Campbell Kilmory had a lawful daughter Flora baptized January 2, 1817

John Livingstone and Catharine Campbell Kingarar (Kengharair) had a lawful daughter Mary baptized Aug. 1, 1819 Kilninian Parish, Mull

I have spent hours on the Nova Scotia Livingstons even though my Livingston family or so I thought had no family connection to any Livingstons in Nova Scotia in a surprising twist to this project, I found out from last test of a Nova Scotia Livingston that one of these Livingston settlers had a Morvern Livingston family connection to my own Livingston family according to the DNA testing. If I had not got involved with others from Nova Scotia and PEi working on the family history of the Livingstons primarily from Mull, I would not have made this important clue to the family origins of my own Livingston family in Morvern. Just one of the exciting moments of doing Livingston genealogy.


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