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Clan MacLea - Livingstone

The Official Home of the Clan McLea (The ancient historical name of the Livingstones)

The Lion Rampant


The Celtic Review

A series of Articles was published in the Celtic Review which make interesting reading.

  1. The first was called "THE BARONS OF BACHUILL" by ALEXANDER CARMICHAEL LL.D. and was published in Volume V of The Celtic Review April 15 1909, pp 356-375. Alexander Carmichael was born on Lismore in 1832 and was educated at Greenock Academy, and in Edinburgh. As a civil servant with Customs and Excise he was known locall as the “Gadger”.His most famous publication was Carmina Gadelica (1900). He died in 1912. The Rev Ian Carmichael, DSO, MC later corrected some anomalies in Lismore in Alba but there is some lovely detail in this article which was not included in the book.
  2. This article prompted a Response from Neil D Campbell who later became the Duke of Argyll.
  3. Finally Carmichael wrote this article on Donald Livingstone who saved the banner of theAppin Regiment at Culloden.

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