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Clan MacLea - Livingstone

The Official Home of the Clan McLea (The ancient historical name of the Livingstones)

The Lion Rampant


Livingstone / MacLay tartan

This is an alternative Livingstone or MacLay tartan which is similar to the MacLaine of Lochbuie sett. .This is available at Highland Clans International Tartan Index No: 001488

Maclaine of Lochbuie

As you will see this is similar to the Maclaine of Lochbuie

Maclaine of Lochbuie and the Macleans of Duart and Morvern descend from this Gilleeoin (Gillean of the Battle Axe) who in turn descends from Domlig or Cuduilig (the Hound of Leaves), Abbot of Lismore circa 1150. Obviously Cuduilig appanaged his heirs in Morvern which was part of the old Abbey lands.

Ghill 'Eathainn, son of MacRath, son of Maol-sruthain, son of Niall Chloinn Dhuille(Clan Mhic Fraing), son of Domlig known as Cu-duilig (Hound of Leaves) (Abbott of Lismore, Argyll), son of Raingce, son of Old Dougall of Scone (born about 1050 A.D.) See Highland Clans p 72 and Skene’s “Celtic Scotland,” Vol. III, p. 481


Last updated 20 April, 2013